Worth buying the new bag in Budapest instead of Sweden?

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  1. Hey ppl!

    In a few weeks Im going to Budapest. I've been concidering buying a new bag for a while (looks like it will be the batignolles!) and I was wondering if anyone knows, how are the prices in budapest (compared to rest of europe)?

    Does anyone know? Is the pricing in the stores set after the "general price level" in the city, or is it the same regardless of what country youre in?

  2. I don't have an answer to your question, but just wanted to say that the Batignolles is a great bag! I have that bag ( the horizontal) and just love her!!! Have a great trip!
  3. Don´t know how are the prices in Budapest. But when I bought my speedy in Vienna it was about 20 Euros more than it was in France online. In Prague it was even more.
    So the price is not the same in all countries.
  4. I don't know how the prices in Sweden are, but the prices in Hungary this summeer were not good due to a strong forint. I payed a litle more than 36000 HUF for a tie. THat makes it about 1,433. SEK and 152+ Euroes. The same tie is 120 E in France. A tie is only a small example, but the price difference adds up to be greater when you have larger purchases. In general I don't think it's beneficial to purchase LV outside the euro zone. :nogood: rather visit the Herend shop down the street ;)

    but still, it's nice to have an LV sounvenir from Hungary no? ;)