Worth being KILLED over?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

  1. ok...so I reallllly want these flip flops...
    But...I think if I spent that much on some flip flops my BF would choke me(not literally). Would you spend the money??
    Just to give you an idea, I usually spend about 20 bucks on my flip flops. IF that...Im a bargain shopper when it comes to flip flops.
  2. Goodness they're expensive...I have a pair of coach shoes, but I got them at the PX, where they are much much cheaper and I don't have to pay tax :biggrin:

    ...If you really love the shoes, then get them. Do you and your boyfriend share finances? If not, then why is it his business anyway? Your money, you spend it on what you want!
  3. Welllll...we do share finances haha. BUT, the base has COACH shoes?? I have access to the base, but Ive never seen coach shoes there, only bags and accessories. Hmmmm. I will hold out and check the bx. Ill let everyone know what I find. BTW, Congrats on the new addition! I have a friend who lives in Germany, her husband is in the military...and shes having a baby girl next month!
  4. Honestly... my DH likes most Coach bags that I like and understands that, but is adamently against their shoes!!! All of them!! I sold a few pairs of sneakers that I could never wear for all of the complaining... Now, I am really liking a few of the sandals, so I am worried about the reaction...

    I am thinking though, most of the shoes I am looking at (Nichola & Rhea) don't have logos all over the... so maybe he'll never know??? We'll see...

    I feel your pain!!! I really like those sandals though, they would be my third choice for myself... I say, go for it!!!
  5. OK so..update...
    He said I should buy them if I want them. But at the same time, you can tell hes just trying to make me happy lmao! You know that "if you want them, get them(with the little head shake and shoulder shrug at the beginning)" answer that everyone dreads. I think I will just pass on them, I need a Serger for my sewing needs anyways, and the one Im looking at is 499.99! I need all the money I can get lol. Thansk for the replies!
  6. Oh Lord. I love those!!!:nuts: If I didnt live in Alaska, I would buy them!
  7. Coach shoes are totally worth the price. They last forever. The soles on my coach shoes don't even look worn.
  8. my sister bought me a pair of coach flip flops from an outlet last summer. they were around $50ish. i think 118 is a little too much. i would rather use that money on a pair of coach sneakers.
  9. I bought some coach flip flops last year and they were soooo comphy! I seen those and love them too, I just may own those before too long!
  10. I love those flip flops! They are on my wishlist!:yes:

  11. I get that ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time, but the SO and I have an unofficial agreement.....if I don't say anything to him every time he comes home with something from Best Buy/Circuit City or wherever, he can't say anything to me when I come home with something from Coach or wherever. Most of the time it works.....

    Oh, and those sandals are very cute. I find that if you think of them as "sandals" instead of "flip flops", $118 doesn't sound quite as bad.
  12. OH I miss the BX, My hubby was in the Air Force years ago, and I worked Customer Service....Such wonderfule deals we used to get!!
  13. i agree! you don't have to baby them, either!
  14. Very cute. I think they are worth it