Worst Travel Day Ever!

  1. Anyone else have the travel day for heck today? I "got back" from my cruise today-but I'm still not home. We left Miami at 7:30am this morning, and now we just arrived at a hotel in Atlanta because our flight back to Philly was cancelled:push: We spent 9+ hours at the airport before they would answer any questions or give us a flight or a hotel voucher.

    They put us on a flight at 7:00am tomorrow.

    I've been in tPF withdrawl for close to ten days, so I had to find the little business center to get my tPF fix to cheer me up! I hope anyone else traveling today got to their destinations okay.
  2. The weather up north is terrible, the noreaster storm is causing major airport delays and they say the worst is yet to come tonight. Here in southern NJ we have had rain and wind with coastal flooding--but not too bad. I hope you get out tomorrow morning because they keep saying it will get worse west of NJ and north of NY.
    Good luck.
  3. i didn't have to travel today but staying at home wasn't much better. the heavy rains actually flooded my basement .... which meant LOTS of mopping and pumping the water out but that didn't really help. also my neighbor's yard isn't levelled so it looked like there was a HUGE lake. very disturbing especially if the water spills over to our side. i hope you have a safe flight home tomorrow!
  4. I didn't travel either. Diamond_lover sorry about your basement, I hope it doesn't get worse. Jillybean207 have a safe flight tomorrow.
  5. We had entire trees uprooted here in Austin (it was worse in Dallas) but things have calmed down. Hope everyone makes it home!
  6. I am so sorry about your basement diamond! I hope you make it home soon jillybean!!!
  7. LOL...YOU are sooooooooooooooo Lucky yer flight was canceled...heehee.
    Jill and Tay just got in from Aruba...Let me tell ya...The flight home was like the worst roller coaster ride EVER...Tay was THIS close to gettin sick..I kinda thought it was fun..ROFL..UGH....You know when they prepare u for landing AN HOUR PRIOR to reaching your airport(Bucklin you in..LOL)..Yer in BIG TROUBLE......
    Have fun in Atlanta Jill...Id rather of been there than on that plane..hehe!

    PS-Jillybean and I talked in airports today comparing our HELL stories..LOL..Ill save mine for tomorrow..Im wiped.
  8. Not a good month to be in the air! I flew from Seattle to Nashville via Detroit last week (big mistake due to all the spillover of Chicago-related delays). I fly back home via Minneapolis on tuesday and crossing fingers it's OK. For some reason I thought April meant 'spring'. Next time I'll go via a southern route.

    Hugs and best wishes to all for safety at home and safe travels during this wacky April! I think the groundhog was WAAAAY off this year!
  9. I hope you get home soon :smile:
  10. yikes!! being stranded in the airport is no fun.... but the northeaster is wrecking havoc so i guess better to be safe and delayed than up in the air with the storm and what not.

    well i hope you can find a cofee shop to sit down and be as comfortable as one can possibly be in an airport or just hang out at the business center and you know what =)

    Have a safe trip back!
  11. Yeah, saw that over the news this morning. Frustrating!!!
  12. It is snowing here in southern NJ 9:09 AM. UGH. It is too miserable to go out of the house. The kids are back at school from spring break and the weather looks bad. I hope you are able to get a flight home.