Worst shopping experience ever! MK Berlin

So I've given it a lot of thought whether I should just forget this experience or share it with the forum. I am still beyond outrage so I've decided to share it. My first shopping experience in Michael Kors:

For about two months ago my brother picked up a lovely Selma bag from the MK store in Madrid. Since we don't have a MK store here in Denmark, I was thrilled for the purchase when he brought it home! But after a days thought or more I realised that I needed a smaller bag due to my height. So my boyfriend wrote to the store manager in their Madrid MK, we returned the bag in fair and unused condition as we got it and she mailed us a gift receipt so it could be printed out. We were told that it could be used in all Michael Kors livestyle stores in Europe. Everything was great so far.

Then I took to Berlin with some classmates and since I knew that they had a MK store there, I brought the gift receipt with me. In the store I was met with kind service from one of the SAs. I got the smaller sutton tricolor and was happy with my choice. But when I was about to pay for it and the first kind SA had accepted the gift receipt, the other SA suddenly meddled. She couldn't speak much english. They argued for a couple of minutes in German when she then said in German (I can understand and talk German, but I didn't want to tell them after this):

"You don't know how many stores she's been in. This is just a copy. She could've copied 1000 of them and go from store to store to get free bags! You have to send her away. This can't be used! We need the original reciept."

I then tried to tell them the whole story and that I could understand that they had to take precautions since the receipt didn't have any barcode. But she didn't even let me finish and just kept shouting "NO! NO! NO!". I even said that I would call the store manager in Madrid to confirm, but she just kept shouting. The kind SA tried to talk to her again and let me finish talking. She apologized and said: "I'm so sorry but my boss says that we don't take that. Sorry." I got frustrated and said: "So you're telling me, that I have 400 € that I can't use and that are literally thrown away? I'll show you the correspondance from the store manager in Madrid."

There wasn't wi-fi in the store, so the "non-English-speaking" SA told me to go to Starbucks and was totally arogant. I tried to ask if they could help me out but she wouldn't. Then their boss came out while she had heard us arguing. She was sooo kind like the first SA and made a hotspot on her iPhone so I could find the mail. I found the mail and the boss apologized to me. She said she needed to call the store in Madrid and I was of course understanding. She talked to the Madrid MK and it was confirmed (luckily the store manager in Madrid remembered the case since it hasn't been that long time ago). After almost an hour in the store the boss and the SA apologized. I said it was okay and I could understand that they had to take precautions, but I didn't approve the other SA's behavior! So after I got the bag I said goodbye. The "non-English-speaking" SA didn't even say anything or look at me.

I have never had SUCH a bad experience before when shopping a bag. Even being accused of committing crime. I am still shocked over the one SA's behavior. She was SO rude!! I am happy with the bag but the bad experience did ruin a lot of the whole joy of getting a new bag. I'm sorry for the long post but I had to let the steam out. I don't ever hope that others will experience the same.

Best regards/
Jul 23, 2006
That is horrible. Try to forget the rude SA and put it all behind you and enjoy your new bag. I'm so sorry this happened to you...... :smile:


Mar 29, 2007
That is really awful. As someone who has a long history in customer service, I hope you will PLEASE consider writing a letter to the appropriate management (i.e.: her boss). This woman reflects poorly on the brand and there's no telling how many sales she has cost that store due to her behavior. If the upper management is solid, they will appreciate hearing from you. You can be polite but be direct about her behavior. If this woman worked for me, I'd want to know about it. Immediately.

I hope you can still enjoy your lovely new bag!


May 12, 2012
I am happy that it got resolved but honestly, I am not surprised. Lived there for some time and I still think that Berlin stores in general have bad customer service.