Worst service ever?

  1. Hey guys!

    Just curious, what's the worst service given to you in a mall, online or elsewhere? For me it was in a store called ABCD (carries Fendi, Gucci, Dior etc. in Sweden) when she just gave me a head to toe look to see if I was worth her precious time. When I finally found something I liked, she said: "Oh.. that's on... Saaaaaaleeee" Like she was disgusted of even saying the word. I went to try it on, and she stood by the dressing room all the time - like I'd steal it! And when I went to the register to pay she denied me a normal bag and put it in a paper bag (like those you get for coffee) "Unfortunately we can't give you our regular bags since you bought a sale item" OMG! I wanted to strangle her, needless to say, I never went back. Although the top was gorgeous. (Pucci)

  2. :wtf: WOW. That is EXTEREMLY rude!
  3. Yes, and I actually expected them to be friendly. I mean, if you work in such a store and you're mean to everyone noboby will by anything from you. Have you had a bad experience?
  4. i had a super bad bad experience in filene's basement a year back.. i tried on a swim suit and i couldn't figure out how to put it back in the hanger and just hung it on the hanger and placed it on the "tried on" rack and went on to look for something else coz it didn't look nice on me.. after 10 steps away from the fitting area, this towering big old woman called me back and started screaming at me for not putting it back properly and made me try to do it in front of her... okay, so im petite, asian-tourist looking and looks really young for my age.. but man, she literally was bullying me... she was screaming at me in front of other customers like i wouldn't understand her english if she didn't speak in a normal volume.
  5. OMG!! I can't believe these horrible stories. If anyone were to be rude to me, I always try to let them know that they are being rude. This is only because I've gone through much of my life not saying what was on my mind & letting these people get to me. I hate rude people!!

    Also, is it me or is customer service just gone downhill now and days?? Sure, there are places where they treat you like god (Louis Vuitton especially) but there are so many places that don't care at all.
  6. I can't recall any right now at the moment, but I do get really aggravated by SA's that don't smile,say hi,and thank you have a nice day.
  7. I agree, although I have faced some not so nice Vuitton SA's. I'm a person that really can't say that another person is being rude, don't really know why. Maybe I don't want to argue. :Push:
  8. Saks shoe department at Plaza Frontenac in St.Louis. They were running a sale on shoes. Now mind you,I did not want sale shoes-I was looking for the Jimmy Choo momos in a pink metallic and could only find the silver. They ignored me and would not help me because they were drooling and catering over their regulars to sell them sale items. I was ready to buy my size in the momos then and there(I know my size in Choo-I don't even have to try on). I got so ticked off after waiting for 15 minutes(and some SA's were just standing around chatting with their regulars and not even helping) and even trying to get their attention that I went to the purse department and bought a Marc Jacobs and then went to Neimans and spent the rest of the momo money there. And it has totally soured my taste for them. I still buy Chanel there but hardly anything else. I'll always try Neimans first now,even though they only take cash or Amex.
  9. Nordstrom shoes in san francisco. The salesperson was sooo rude that she's not allowed to sell on the floor while i'm shopping there.

    One time at Neiman Marcus because i had purchased 4 d & g shirts adorned w/ swarv. crystals. The crystals started falling off of one of the shirts and the floor manager told me that I had to call d & g myself to get the crystals..:wtf: (i loved the shirts soo much, i just wanted to fix it myself at this point, but have NM provide the crystals for me). Whatever... that decision was trumped by the general store manager who gave me a 65% discount for all of the shirts and making them a final sale. So it was kinda bad service in the beginning but ended up being great service.
  10. Macy's shoes at Stanford shopping center. I needed shoes for a formal occasion and this guy walks around to help other people while I was sitting there waiting. My friend & I got mad and started picking out tons of shoes so he'll have to look for my size in the back. But instead, another nice man came and helped us find all those shoes in my size. I felt so bad! But I ended buying shoes from the nice man instead.
  11. i was at esprit with my friend. the salesperson just said to us when she was walking past us: "thank you and goodbye!". the way she said that was so mean and unkind. you should not speak like that to the people who are in your store.

    this is not my expierence but my friend told this for me. she was buying some kind of tree for our friend. i was not buying it but i paid half of the price. she of course asked could the salesperson package the tree. she answerd: "i'm here alone, i've got no time to package your tree!" that's rude. i think she also told her to come some other time if she wants to have a tree coverd with paper.

    here in finland the service is often bad. the people working as sales clerks aren't always so kind.
  12. An SA at Saks in their exotic handbag dept last fall. She was all old and snooty. I was holding a python bag that I wanted to buy, but she was busy talking to someone else (a "Bergdorf Blonde") about gosh knows what. Now I understand that she's probably a really good customer so the SA needs to kowtow to her, but she never even said "just a moment" or "I'll be right with you" or anything. She wouldn't even make eye contact with me. I'm almost 5'10 with long blonde hair and don't fade into the woodwork, so she knew I was there. Plus, I was about 5 feet from her. "Excuse me?" I asked. No reply. "Excuse me" (more loudly). Nothing. A third "Excuse me" (the Saks NY exotics dept is only like 10'x15' and we were the only ones in there). Still, no reply. I was too amazed to say anything. I received that kind of reaction when I was a recent college grad with no money from SAs at Macys (I wouldn't have been able to afford anything at Saks back then, let alone a python bag), but at my favorite store? Now? In my Prada shoes?

    Anyway, I found an SA in another department who came over to help me and was really sweet (this is before I became a loyal fan of my regular SA who I bring everything to). I asked her to ship it to me when the other ***** actually said "don't forget we charge $13 now" to the sweet SA. Oh reaaaaallllly. I had told her that the snooty SA was the rudest that anyone has ever been to me when I asked for her help, so she stuck up for me. "Actually, there's no charge for Platinum cardholders" she smiled as she took my card. Take that bee-otch!

    :P :yahoo: :P
  13. After reading everybodys posts, I can't believe what idiots are out there:wtf:
  14. I would not buy from any of these stores! Seriously, even if it was an item I was desperate for, I would go elsewhere.

    Sometimes, these idiot SAs who serve in designer stores, seem to think that they have become the designer, not just the girl who pops it in the bag for us :biggrin:
  15. not in a store, but this morning the postman rang the doorbell and said the package needed a signature. i said fine and buzzed him in. then he rings the bell again two minutes later and asks "well aren't you coming to sign for it??" i think "wtf???" and ask him to come upstairs like every other postman i've encountered has done without me having to prompt them. he said "no, if i did that for every package i'd be doing it all day"

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    had the package just been addressed to the house number i wouldn't have had a problem coming downstairs but postage was paid to all the way to my flat, not the front door :rant: :censor:

    of course it didn't help that i was actually still asleep when he rang the bell, had no clothes on and had to throw the first random thing i found on to go get the effing packages. :mad: