Worst Seller, beginning to HATE ebay

  1. SO I bought a Wii on eBay on Monday--paid a HUGE premium too $400 for the $250 system--because the seller stated in his auction terms he would ship same day or next day using UPS next day air. He then states (after I paid him) he can't ship till Wednesday. I think ok, as long as he ships by then I am still ok (going home tomorrow). So I check this morning to see what is up, and he is no longer an eBay registered user! I've already sent him emails yesterday asking for a tracking number because I wanted to be sure he mailed it out yesterday... no response. Today, I emailed again... no response. I am so mad right now. This is supposed to be a present and now will not get here (if ever). Just opened a paypal claim. Am I wrong to not wait a little longer? It all just seems VERY fishy. :confused1:
  2. No way, do a chargeback right now if you used a CC, he's obviously pulling a holiday scam. So sorry to hear about this!
  3. No, you were right to file a claim right away. Especially since he's NARU. I hope it all works out for you.
  4. so should I escalate to let paypal decide immediately? or will they think its too soon? I dont want to "lose" somehow. I did pay with my credit card thru paypal at least...
  5. Yes, I'd escalate immediately since the seller is NARU.
  6. He claims he shipped it yesterday... I will wait and see if I get it today. Do you think he unregistered just so I can't give him negative feedback? It all seems very strange.
  7. And now he is yelling at me for putting up a paypal claim. What a jerk! The whole unregistered thing is very suspicious, who cares if I put up a claim!? So rude! At least he had already left me positive feedback!
  8. Since the time between when he claims he shipped and when you should get it is so short, just leave the claim open (and yes, escalate). Tell him you'll drop it once you've received the item. He should be able to provide you with a tracking number. Don't worry about him yelling at you, HE is the one who hasn't done what he stated he would do. You paid, and therefore, fulfilled your duty.
  9. Wow, how strange is that whole transaction? Will you be sure to keep us informed? I want to know how this all works out!

  10. Good advice from bulletproofsoul. I know it's so frustrating when this happens at a crucial time. Hopefully you will receive your item today and this mess will go away.
  11. A claim is not a big deal. I had someone put a claim in for LONG shipping time to Canada. I knew I was in the good, so I didn't worry and the claim was dropped as soon as the bag was received. It's just a way for the buyer and seller to protect themselves a bit.
  12. ^ Exactly. The wii did come today! Yay, I guess I just got very worried with him no longer being a registered user! So I closed the claim, after installing everything (just in case it didnt work, since once you close a claim, you can't reopen or file a new one... or at least thats what I think?). So I am very happy it worked out. Thanks guys for all your help! :smile:
  13. you did the right thing anyway, better safe then sorry. let all the other sellers know out there in eBay land that your not to be messed with
  14. Glad it all worked out for you. :yes:
  15. I've had that happen to me too ... purchased an item and then while I was waiting for it to arrive noticed the seller was NARU. She had 100% positive FB and 100+ transactions so I was puzzled as to the NARU ... and worried the item wouldn't arrive of course. It did arrive a few days later but I couldn't leave FB for her. I never did find out why an apparently reputable seller should have suddenly become NARU ... one of life's little mysteries.