WORST Purchase Ever From Neiman Marcus Online-anyone else have a problem?

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  1. I did have a situation with Zappos recently. Bought MK boots for 700 dollars; they had chalky wax all over them and they were unfit to wear in public I was disappointed and called. My only option was send them back, these were "new". I'll buy from Zappos again. I did send the boots back and went searching else where. Eventually I found what I wanted, again online and made another purchase.
  2. Please forgive my rant. I had three glasses of Merlot and temporarily lost my mind! :shame: NM still blows.
  3. You have to prod them along. It's sad but true. I called them every week. They collect interest on "return money" and are in no big hurry to part with it. Sorry you experienced this also.
  4. I owe you an apology. We had a cocktail party and I was about three sheets to the wind when I wrote. I don't handle alcohol well and for the most part avoid it. I wish this thread would disappear into cyberspace so that I don't have to be reminded how idiotic I can be.

    The "we're all equal" rant wasn't even NM related. It involves an Ebay seller I just won a claim against who accused me of quote-"being one of those people who believe all Chinese are counterfeiters,etc.etc"-end quote. Never mind the fact that I had no way of knowing her nationality until she brought it to the forefront. Never mind that her surname is English. Anyway, she really hurt my feelings. I shoudn't have allowed her to influence my attitude. Bitterness is an option I want no part of. Formal apology susieserb.
    :shocked: :tispy: :shame:

  5. Oh you are so funny and boy can I relate. One time I took an Ambien (this should be a new thread) and was writing a Pen Pal about something stupid and I started ranting when I really should have been in bed sleeping.

    The next day I read my "sent" letter and was horrified over my wierdness (for lack of better words). I swore from that point on to never pen anything under the influence of a sleeping agent. If I'm sipping wine and writing I find my threads to be edgy with bad spelling. Which is scary because under normal circumstances I'm a terrible speller. Arrrrgh.

    Trust me NO hard feelings:roflmfao:
  6. Ditto all the way. I've shopped NM online for years and have never had any problems with quality and returns were always no questions asked.

    What they did in your case is absolutely unacceptable. ITA with susieserb to get it in writing.

    Good luck!!
  7. This would be my vote too. Take LOTS of pix, and get a corporate contact for them. I would also file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. You clearly didn't get a new bag, so don't take it sitting down. So sorry about that!
  8. pam, have they refunded you?:hrmm:
  9. I love the deals NM.com gives, but on several occasions I've received the wrong items and also, ...Get this...NO ITEMS when the invoice states I did. I just send the stuff back (<<except when nothing is in the package). I stopped bothering to call...it only raises my blood pressure!!:cursing: :cursing:
  10. Yes, they did ($500 right on the spot). I've decided to take everyone's advice and contact higher management by a hand written letter. I got a call right away and the woman was very apologetic and accomodating with sending a call tag to pick up the bag etc... The problem is, I really like the bag and haven't seen this color tan except for back in 05-06. The leather is really smooshy, most likely because it was well loved before I got it:-{ Anyway, they offered it to me for about 50% off and already credited my card for $500, just not the rest as of yet (the woman mentioned an additonal $363 off). I'm still debating, only because I love the bag otherwise I wouldn't have purchased it in the first place. I was thinking about taking it to a leather shoe maker and locksmith to see what they could do about cleaning it and fixing the lock. I'm waiting for my mom to come over to give me her opinion. If I do decide to send it back, I will be driving it over to Pennsylvania and returning it directly to the store since they take so darn long to credit back your credit card when you send it back via UPS. Thanks for askling Soleil!

  11. I haven't had that problem with NM online, but it did happen at Nordstrom with a Whiskey Paddy sent from another store. Luckily, I was able to get another one.
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