WORST Purchase Ever From Neiman Marcus Online-anyone else have a problem?

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  1. ITA. I've considered getting things forwarded to Australia from these department stores but when you hear about fake things being returned, dirty/used bags being returned; it kind of turns you off the thought of getting it forwarded.
  2. For what ever it's worth I've made 8 large purse/shoe
    purchases with NM online (thousands of dollars) and have never experienced used, damage or dirty items. Now with that said, I know these things can and do happen but on the flip side you get your money back. The bottom line is the whole benefit risk ratio. Will your benefit out weigh the risk in the long run. For me it has. I think the real risk is when you can't return your item at a fabulous price i.e. Ebay (allot); Intermix sale; Aloha Rag sale but for Saks, BG and NM you can RETURN sale items. I can live with that.
  3. I think this is absolutely awful. :sad: So sorry this happened to you.

    Stores (and individuals) who sell bags in awful, unusable condition as new, are little better than fake sellers, as far as I'm concerned. :cursing:

    Condition is second only to authenticity, in terms of affecting an item's value, after all and a very used and/or damaged item is worth next-to-nothing; particularly if it is a perishable and/or hard to clean and/or mend successfully item, like a bag.

    All they need to do is to learn from NAP and tag items with unremovable tags, to stop people using the item and then returning it (this would also significantly reduce all the switches for fakes that occur with Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman purchases).

    Also, like NAP, they should be super-fussy about the condition of returns and if they receive an item that appears to have been used (even if the tag is still attached) and/or is dirty or damaged, they should refuse the return and send it straight back to the customer, unrefunded. :yes:

  4. Re. sale returns - unless the companies who say they don't allow sale returns specify that the item is damaged/used in the description, they must still allow a return if it is. :yes:

    The 'no returns' policy applies only to a change of mind situation; not a SNAD situation.

    Also, in most Western Countries (i.e. the EU and North America), online and mail order only businesses have to allow returns for any reason, as they do not provide a suitable venue for inspection; so the customer's home becomes that inspection venue and the customer has the right to refuse the item for up to 14 days after arrival.

    So, technically, any online-only stores are breaking the law if they state 'no returns', unless they have an inspection venue, even in the case of a change of mind. :yes:
  5. Money back or not- is not the point. :nuts: The point is, they are selling used bags for full price to unsuspecting customers. Its unethical! Frankly, I can't and won't live with that!!! No benefit risk ratio for me-sorry.:cursing:


  6. This is why you have to complain not only to US but to NM's TOP management team so the environment can change.

    Also I'm sorry I was lead to believe that you bought your purse on sale and not full price; that is aggrevating for sure. Screams BF all over again but because of complaints BF retooled their system to make it a better buying situation all the way around.

    NM and BG online is still in their growing stage of developement. If outsourse won't listen to you, the big decision makers hopefully will.

    Perhaps calling the stores for you bags is a more viable opportunity in the future.
  7. ^ I've read of people on here receiving fakes that have been shipped out directly from their stores, as well. :sad:

  8. Couldn't agree more. :yes:

    I'd rather not have the extended return period if every purchase becomes a gamble!

  9. Unbelievable! :shocked:
  10. NM is not some wayward outpost. It represents its goods as new. Therefore it is NOT unreasonable to expect it to deliver the goods as promised. SOME NERVE!
  11. This is a true horror story!:cursing: Once you get this sorted with NM, and I'm sure you will, you are right to never purchase anything from them again.
    They are now on my black-list. Along with Bluefly (I have a long memory...)
  12. LUCKY YOU! Unfortunately you are the minority on this thread.
  13. Continue to purchase there. At some point you'll be the only one willing to do so and a shrine will be built in your honor. These thieves are worse than the crooked auction seller in that they target 'naive buyers' with an implied knowledge and reputation that doesn't exist. Pisses me off!
  14. When will we as individuals forego manners for the sake of truth? I am so weary of "holding my tongue" lest I upset/offend someone. I honestly believe that all mankind is equal. So listen up people: black, white, jew/gentile or whatever you may be: We may not be perfect. We have made (and will continue to make mistakes-minor and major) but we must stand united against those who would demean us for the sake of corporate glorification. We owe our children no less..
  15. Thank you tPF.
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