WORST Purchase Ever From Neiman Marcus Online-anyone else have a problem?

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  1. I've had nothing but exceptional products and service from NM online, so this story completely saddens me.

    Management needs to know about this. I'm with the prior post. Send back your item and make sure you pay NOTHING. Ask for some upper management's name and address, send a handwritten letter along with photos and demand some sort of restitution. Ask these individuals if this is the type of product they want their high end online business to be known for?:yucky:

    I have read that when complaints are done in this fashion management sits up and notices since allot of time and effort was put into the grievance.
  2. Wow, how awful. I got my choco paddy at Saks Off 5th because the lock was broken, and they sold it for $499 + tax. Definitely send that Paddy back!!!
  3. You gals keep reinforcing the reason why I just click on the NM deals and then close the window. I have read so many bad experiences on their sale bags. They should just open up an ebay site to sell the crappy returns instead of aggravating customers. I would rather wait for the AR & NAP sales.
  4. Can you post pics? I am so sorry that happened!
  5. yep agree with everyone else, get it shipped back immediately and make sure they refund you the express shipping also. Its a disgrace to sell a bag in this condition.

    I often complain about the uk customer services, BUT I actually agree that an item should not be allowed to be returned after 14 days or a month, because, as keeps happening in the states, the chance of getting a nasty used bag is just too disgusting for words! What goes through the stores mind, when they allow these items to be returned too! Its really bad.
  6. Hi Pam,

    I had a similar experience with BG.com... I was sooo excited because the Prada Antic Cervo came up in the color I was dying for - brown. I bought it, and when it arrived... it was gross. The top zipper was full of crumbs... cigarette ashes... dust, completely used.

    The inside of the bag bottom had makeup smudges and powder residue on it as well as ... candle wax?! weird. And the bag stunk.

    Oh, and to boot, it was filled with COACH tissue paper stuffing. I was very very upset. As soon as I opened the package I got online and chatted w/a rep and told them what happened. They just apologized and told me to return it - they had no other in stock to offer me. I was so torn because I had fallen in love with the bag and even though it was used, I couldn't let go.

    I held onto it for a week - and I called the store (NM) and they had one *in* the store - I asked them to hold it for me. I went in the store - they could not do an exchange for me (if they could I would have saved on the tax) so I had to go to customer svc. return the USED bag... they credited my s/h in full too. Then I went back downstairs to handbags and purchased the NEW lovely bag! It was a very happy ending for me. Maybe you will find your bag too in another place. :yes:

    Good luck, and sorry this happened to you. But don't keep the used one. It will make you feel terrible and taken everytime you see it.
  7. That's horrible! I would complain to someone higher in the chain. They should refund your shipping as well.

    Sorry you had a bad experience :sad:
  8. Thanks, Girls! I did call and speak with an online Neima Marcus supervisor. She said she credited me $500 right away. Not to sound ungrateful, but its still not worth it. Now if they said it would only cost me $500, then I"d think about it and have it professional cleaned and fixed. But they really don't care. I will never shop at Neiman Marcus again that is for sure and I will tell everyone on earth what a bad experience I had with making such a large puchase. After hearing alot of the same stories, this seems like normal business practice for Neiman Marcus. It is just unethical to sell used merchandise.

    Thanks again for all that listened!!!

  9. I believe the the NM/Bergdorf system online is outsourced and thus run by a different operation. None the less they use the NM name, that's why I would write corporate the letter (and send the pictures). They really need to see your grievance; go to the top and express your angst, your restitution may still come. DON'T GIVE UP, go the extra mile.
  10. Thanks for posting... this makes me think twice about ordering anything from NM.

    I live in Australia... imagine the problems if I got sent something like this... at least most of you guys can rock up to a store and deal with a SA face to face if you have a problem.
  11. oh i'm so sorry!!!
  12. NM horror stories abound! I was sent a Chloe with a broken lock. Later learned that the bag had been circulating for a couple of months. I spoke with CSR who offered $50 refund. I politely declined and shipped it back the same day. That was nearly four weeks ago. My mastercard had not been credited even though the bag was processed-relisted online- and sold yet again! I called today and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I explained I'm tired of paying interest on a bag I returned and that has since resold. She pulled it up on computer and gave an embarassed laugh. Credited my card on the spot. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!
  13. I have only purchased clothing from NM online, so far so good. I did just purchase a bay bag in the store that had a number on the back of the price tag and my first thought was - is this a return- but the bag looked brand new, but now i wonder.
  14. That is awful!!!!! I ordered a bag from them prior to the horror story bag and returned it as well. The same thing happened, I bought it in the beginning of April. April 12th I believe it was and it still to this day, it has not been credited back to my card. I overnighted it back to them the same day to get the charge off my card quicker. When I called customer service, the woman laughed and said, honey we are still back on March 3rd returns, its gonna take a while. Instead of bother dealing with them again, I called my credit card company and reported it. I found that the customer service there really doesn't give a crap. I have to say, I don't think I'll ever buy from them again as I was and still am that unhappy that they send me a USED bag. It makes me sick.

  15. Aww... I'm sorry that happened to you.. I had a similiar experience. I ordered a Bbag via telephone... I was beyond excited and paid the extra $ for overnight shipping. When the bag arrived- it was obviously USED. There was even a box of tic-tacs:yucky: inside the side zipper! I was floored!!! I took it to my local NM for a return and customer service had the nerve to say "that's impossible" "we would never sell a used bag":cursing: UGH!!! I shop at Barneys now.:P
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