WORST Purchase Ever From Neiman Marcus Online-anyone else have a problem?

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  1. I was so excited last week because I found this Paddington Shoulder Satchel online at Neiman Marcus that looked like whiskey in the photo, even though it said tan. I took my chances and ordered it. I even paid the $41 bucks to have it overnighted I was that excited. Especially, after finding out the bag sold out and it was only listed on their website for a day or so.

    Anyway, I get the bag today and it looks totally grungy. The bag has dirt spots all over it. The handles look so cruddy like someone was carrying it without ever washing their hands. I couldn't find the padlock at first and finally located it in the zipper pouch inside the bag. The lock was completely broke, the bottom part of it was hanging out with the screws barely screwed in. The padlock has chips all over it and a big chunk of the paint was missing. It was the most disappointing purchase I've ever made on a Chloe bag, even more than my first fake one that I bought off Ebay. I spent $1,801 and change on this bag and they give me a used bag and charged me full price. When I called to complain, they were very unsympthathetic. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else out there had a simililar problem with Neiman Marcus Online? I almost feel like I'm not meant to have a beautiful authentic Chloe Paddington, I"ve had such a string of bad luck with trying to get my hands on one! Just needed to vent.
    Thanks for listening to my tantrum,

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  2. OMG i can believe it!!!
    i guess it's a returnd item..
    is it a sale item?oh u said u paid full price?!!for that condition!

    im sorry for ur experience...
  3. Yeah, it was more expensive than the regular paddy's because of the strap. I just couldn't believe it. The wierd thing was the way they wrapped it up was nicer than the bag itself. It was a strange experience. I"m so leary with purchasing bags from anywhere now. Bought so many fakes off Ebay, and that's when I stumbled upon this awesome website!!!!
  4. Have you got any pics of the bag? Perhaps you can take some and complain to NM corporate.
  5. NM has a bag habit of reselling used bags as new.

    I am sorry this happened to you. It happened to me too and I asked for a discount: denied. They said to return it and they would send back to Chloe. Ya right.
  6. wow, that's just bad business
  7. I am totally speechless :oh:
    Definitely return it, asap!!
  8. Oh hugs to you! The EXACT thing happened to me when I ordered what I thought was the last choco Paddy loaf on the planet from NM.com. I even called to confirm it was brand spanking new and not a grungy return. The rep PROMISED me it was brand new and it had been on backorder, which was the reason there was one finally online. I got it and it was nasty and so used I would not have paid $200 for it. They refunded my shipping, but I was so sad :crybaby: Good luck to you on finding a new sparkling bag.
  9. I am so sorry, that is a horrible story! I bought a Dior wallet from NM online a couple of weeks ago, and I ordered it in pink. Well, when I got it the wallet was purple?! I was so mad cause it cost over $600. Well the lady through customer service actually started to argue with me about the color. She basically called me a liar and said that they shipped it out in pink. They should really learn to treat their customers nicer, especially since we're spending so much money.
  10. That really sucks.. so sorry that happend to you.
    These online stores have a habit of reselling used items.
  11. Aww that's terrible!! I'm so sorry.

    Return and make a complaint!!!
  12. I am so sorry to hear that. NM has definitely had some issues. They have sent me the wrong color, the wrong item,...need I go on? Good luck with finding your perfect Paddy! Hugs to you! :flowers:
  13. :cursing:
    Return it and complain!
    Oh, and take detailed pictures of the item.
  14. :cursing: That completely sucks!!!! How frustrating for you!
  15. I am so sorry that happened to you, especially since you were so anxioiusly awaiting the arrival of it. :sad:

    Make sure to call and complain and complain and complain. :cursing: Ask to talk to a manager, and insist on having your $$ refunded for shipping as well. I would ask what else they could do to make things right (ie give you a discount on a future purchase, etc.) but like the other posters said, they might not be willing to do anything....

    I will definitely think twice before ordering from them in the future!
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