Worst News Ever!

  1. I didn't waitlist for the Pomme D'amour heart & key ring in California 'cuz I never have any luck by home and now the store I did waitlist at just called to tell me that they will not be getting any in!!! :sos: OMG!!! Now what!!?? I want to cry!! My SA has never failed me before!! I already called 866, Elux and SCP but I am being told slim to none of getting one!!!!!!!! :cry:
  2. oh I'm sorry don't give up keep trying boutiques & Elux
  3. Still available on the LV UK site.
  4. sorry to hear this
  5. Well it was just on elux this morning so that part isn't true.
  6. I'm sure they'll receive more shipment in the future. Something similar happened to me when I desperately wanted inclusion bracelet.
  7. Don't give up hope! They seem to appear sporadically on eLux, and there's always eBay. :smile:
  8. i have no doubt you will get one! i hear they will be very available
  9. there are plenty in the stores, just go to your lv store and ask you sa to locate one.
  10. I'm sorry to hear this, but don't give up,keep trying!
  11. I hope you find one. I'm sure there are plenty in the boutique if you went in to see for yourself.
  12. oh no....i hope u find one...i mean after all there'll be some popping up on eBay :smile:
  13. I hope you find one.
  14. You'll find one! Go to an LV boutique if you can and ask an SA to locate one for you. Don't give up!!
  15. :yes: