Worst mishap with a Mulberry?

  1. Sort of prompted by recent threads, maple's milky accident, loubylou's fall and Jenova revealing that she had fainted and flung milkshake over her congo bays, what's the wierdest/ worst thing you've ever done to a Mulberry?

    Mini Pheebs threw up all over my new purple tassle phoebe the 2nd time I ever took it out! We were halfway home from the inlaws at a motorway service station car park, poor lamb she was so upset. The next three hours in the car weren't fun :nogood: There was nasty sick in the fringing....ewwwwww took so long to clean. Happy to report no lasting damage either to mini pheebs or the bag!

    One of our cats is obsessed with the tassles on Angelica, no damage thus far but I always have to make sure I put the bag away and not leave it temptingly on the back of a chair. Kashmir thinks the tassles are a cat toy and she has a fetish for leather...weird cat :shrugs:

    Sooooo, what's the worst thing you've ever done to a Mulberry or have you had any bizarre near misses?
  2. So far no mishaps other than falling over wearing Antony but me and bag unscathed! I tend to wear my wipe clean Orla Kiely's around my mucky boys!!!
  3. oh my goodness - i cant believe you just posted this thread pheebs!!!!! i just prevented a total disaster!!!!!!
    Rose mabel was on bed waiting to go back into box to be returned to outlet for exchange...........dd (2 and a half) has obviously seen me spray my bags.........and was trying to spray Rose Mabel with hairspray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks god she was not strong enough to push the button completely down ......it was just making a hissing sound and nothing was coming out. You just cant tell what they will do next! :wondering:amazed:
  4. Mini pheebs is two and a half too, I know exactly what you mean, good damage limitation that mummy!
  5. My cousins daughter found the vaseline once- you can only imagine the mess around the house!!! etalb- thank goodness your daughter didn't manage to spray the bag!!!
  6. I have never had it happen to a bag but my late BF's cat once pooped in the lining of his best leather jacket when it was left lining side up on the floor. My friend's kitten did the same in a pastry vol au vent case (apparently it was quite hard to spot by sight alone). I never leave my bags open around the house just in case. BEWARE!

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. I found what looked like a fossilised cat poo at the bottom of my sports bag (fortunately not Mulberry). It had obviously been there for ages which explains why I am so unfit.
    DD number 2 (also 2 and a half) ran off with my new Bays in Starbucks on Saturday and handed it to a scruffy male student - luckily I was hot on her heels.
  9. That was very generous of her. Did he look pleased?
  10. ^^^Lol. I can relate to that - my poodle once pooped in my shoe when she was a puppy! And it was a brown shoe so I was lucky to spot it before trying to put it on...

    But I can live with the shoe, just very happy it was not one of my Mulberry bags - that would have been quite another matter.
  11. That is scary - I better watch out if we do get kittens....:p
  12. He looked totally embarassed in front of his friends - well who wouldn't with a small, red faced woman dragging it away from him!

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao: He'll understand if he ever has a girlfriend with a similar addiction!
  14. No bag mishaps and fingers crossed . However , I did have a bottle of water spill in my Prada tessuto fabric bag I use for gym days , it went all over my oak darwin double locked purse . Left a huge watermark over the back of my purse . It's still there and I haven't used the purse in ages .
  15. No huge mishaps for me. Fingers crossed there won't be any in the future either!