Worst LV Design?

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  1. IMO, it is the graffiti one. What kind of design is that? That isn't exactly a glamorous look. Do they even still have that design?
  2. I agree, didn't like the graffiti line much either.. I'm pretty sure the line is discontinued.
  3. It's just a monochromatic bag with photoshop-like print. Stupid. And I bet they overcharged it too.
  4. I agree that the graffiti is the worst!
  5. I saw some new collection that has fringe on the bags? I love LV, but those bags are hideous :sick:
  6. I did not like the Eye Love series at all. To tell you the truth, I'm not attracted to any of the Murakami ones.
  7. The Grafitti wasn't that bad compared to the Eye Love and the new Fringe bags. They discontinued the Grafitti line in 2001 or 2002.
  8. i hated the patchwork bags and the monogram cerises.
  9. the fringe is bad bad bad. ew, ugly.
  10. I agree with mostly everyone here, that the graffiti was pretty bad. I also don't really see the appeal in the multi-colored print.
  11. Murakami, hands down...especially the black, yuck! The cherries are hideous too.
  12. I really don't like the cerises line...except I own the cerises pochette...

    I just don't like the over kill of cherries all over the speedy/sac plat/keepall.
  13. I :heart: the cerises. The Cherry Blossom is my most favorite :love:
  14. Graffiti... Yuck?
  15. I dont like the graffiti on the monogram canvas, but I like in on the white/black and peach/black.