WORST luck with my Manhattan GM!!!

  1. So I'm in NYC visiting my boyfriend and studying for medical boards at the same time. I don't go out much since I study all day and spend time with him at night. I had brought my Manhattan GM to use well......in Manhattan (cheesy, yeah). So I take her out for a stroll today, and this has been her third time out ever. And what happens.....we're having drinks at a outdoor cafe and the waitress brings out a tray of beers. She starts handing it to everyone, and I'm gaurding my bag for dear life. Then when she puts the last beer down, she spills it and drops go all over the beautiful white unpatina-ed areas!!! I ask her for napkins and she NEVER brings them. Then, when we toasted, beer got on ME ONLY! And MY BAG! I mean, c'mon. Can I have worse luck with my new bag????
  2. OMG! Did you keep your cool? I would've started bawling right then and there!!!
  3. I would have to have a talk with the manager ASAP!!!!
  4. ITA!!!:yes: Especially since the waitress didn't even bother to bring you napkins after you specifically asked for them(in fact, you shouldn't have had to ask, she should have brought them over right away!)
  5. I agree. I think if they spill something on you or your property at a restaurant, then they owe you some form of compensation. I would have been sooooooo upset.
  6. Oh no! That was such an unlucky day :sad: How is your Manhattan GM now?
  7. No way! My heart started beating fast just by reading the story:upsidedown:
  8. oh no, i hope that she at least apologized to you. i think someone mentioned in another thread about using baby wipes for for cleaning the patina area, maybe you can do that?
  9. :crybaby:
  10. That happened to me with a MC pochette that was brand new. She had a "bar room brawl" sort of speak too, but with an Apple Martini! Ugh, vachetta and bars just dont mix.
  11. :crybaby:

  12. mine too.....i am so sorry.....!:crybaby:

    i spilled banana-berry smoothie on my MC speedy:wtf: , but wiped it with baby wipe right away. it was saved and it came right out! :nuts: i recommend anybody to carry baby wipe all the time! i use it when it gets rained on! :idea:
  13. You poor thing.I would be devastated.
    Really rude that she did not at least ask could she help you in any way.
  14. OMG! Did it leave watermarks on your bag? You should definitely talk to the manager and demand some compensation!! :rant:
  15. :crybaby: I know it's hard to wait, but most stains disappear into the patina. I hope you can get most out with the babywipes, sorry about the crummy waitress. But it sounds like you had a good night out at least, well other than the whole bag thing...