Worst job you've ever had?

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  1. I have yet to have an awful, awful job but I used to hate babysitting!

    You? :flowers:
  2. Right now. They cut my hours to almost just my rent money! They cut hours when there's no work then there's the 90 hour a week for 3 months cause they decide to start a project late. I can't work anywhere else cause I'm on a working visa. Grrrr. It's going to be over soon, thank God!
  3. Hmmm....I would say that each job I have had has been a learning experience. One job I wouldnt do again though was selling cars. The hours were ridiculous! I really enjoyed the selling part but hated having to stand outside exposed to the weather. I am really happy to have done it since I learned ALOT about the car business and marketing in general.
  4. Customer service at a tourist attraction - people are attrocious.

    Customer service at an internet service provider - some people shouldn't own computers.
  5. Ugh, being a Cashier at the Commissary! I hated it. They didn't even give me gloves or an apron. I asked and they said "We don't have anymore". So basically, my clothes got raw meat blood on them, ugh!
  6. Ahaha! I can imagine this one being absolutely mind-bogglingly bad.
  7. Being a caller for my university's alumni donation campaign. Telemarketing-yuck.
  8. :roflmfao: I can only imagine ayla! LOL! BF did this one summer and told me what some people called in for.
  9. Worst job I've ever had was a couple years ago when I was working as a Custom Broker at a Customer Brokerage Company. As a Custom Broker I deal with U.S. Customs, trucking companies, my clients, as well as people within the company everyday. Basically when a shipment comes in from overseas, it's my job to classify the goods in accordance to the Harmonized Tariff Code (this big book where they classify things down to the thread counts and number of screws and what not) and file entry with U.S. Customs. Anyways, each of us was assigned to a specific number of accounts. Each acccount had a different set of rules and criteria and each account generated different amount of money. You have NO control over what accounts you get assigned or how much money the accounts make (all up to the sales). So basically, you can have a crappy, high-volume, and high-maintenance account that made VERY LITTLE profit. I happen to have a bunch of accounts like that.

    Now each of us is required to generate at least $25000 worth of revenue every month. We're also expected to pick up the phone by the 2nd ring, call people back within 1 hour, setup file/file entry/bill customer/notify customer/notify trucking company/close files all within 1 hour. We're not allowed to make any mistakes or send the transmission twice. Any time we make the slightest mistake (didn't pick up the phone by 2nd ring, took over 1 hr to do the entire process, etc), we get written up and called into the manager's office. Also, because we're expected to finish everything the same day, we often have to stay late but they absolutely refuse to pay us the much-needed OT. However, we don't have a choice but to stay late because if we don't and things don't get done, we get written up AGAIN! So there're many of us who often work late without getting paid and STILL get written up for stupid reasons.

    Now my supervisor at the time was this woman who did everything she could to get everyone on her team into trouble with the manager so that nobody would get promoted. She basically had NOTHING to do except "look busy" and go into my manager's office whenever she could to either whine about how stressful her work is, complain about others, or just to kiss up.

    My manager wasn't that much better. One time, my supervisor was on vacation for a week. Well that day my ear was hurting really badly (been doing that for a while and it just got really bad that day to the point where I couldn't function) so I told my manager I needed to see a doctor that day. The manager said I should WAIT til my supervisor got back NEXT WEEK and ask her for permission before I could go. Well guess what? That afternoon my ear started BLEEDING! So i went to the DISTRICT manager's office and asked for permission to see a doctor, it was approved. To keep that in writing (we have to do this at this company or else we get backstabbed), I wrote to the district manager reiterating that I will be seeing the doctor and cc-ed my manager on it.

    well, I later on found out that my manager has forwarded that email to my supervisor and told her that "we (manager and supervisor) need to talk about this girl (me)."

    So yeah, that was my worst job ever. The ironic thing was that the company claimed to be voted as one of the best places to work in the Fortune 500 company. It's probably the best place to work for supervisors and managers, who obviously have to play some serious politics to get to where they were. Argh, writing about this still makes my blood boil.
  10. Worst job i ever had ... hummm... it was an off-off-off-Broadway original musical based on The John Bryson novel "A Cry in the Dark". you folks might rember the movie with Meryl streep , and the famous line " A dingo Ate my Baby!"........it's much worse when you sing it....:wtf:
  11. My worst job was a product tester at a company that made rectal thermometers.:wtf:

    Just kidding. Actually I was a waitress during undergrad years and I was amazed at how mean people were to service people.:rant:
  12. I used to pump gas at the full service gas-station!:nuts:
  13. Worst job would have to be working at Macy's in the Coach Handbags section.Most of the hours between 9:00am and 1:30 pm were always kinda slow which was great but after 2:00pm the place would get so busy and every women that walked through the area would want to see a bag and the store always kept the handbags locked, so the associcates always had to carry around keys to open the locks for the customers, so they can try on the bag.I remember that every Saturday the associates would fight over the keys since we only had two keys and six associates working in the department and each associate usually had a customer.It was very frustrating working there. If you weren't ringing up a sale, you were looking for a key to open a lock for a customer, and if you weren't doing that then you were off looking for associate who run off with the key when they left for their lunch break, and if you weren't doing that you then you were organizing the wallets and keychains.My manager always wanted us to do something, she never wanted us to stand around, so I would always go over the keychains over and over again.

    I ended up quitting after 4 months there because the stress of the hours while trying to finish my senior of high school was enough to drive me crazy, so I left the job.

    I knew when one of my mom's friends offered me the job last year, and told me that they could hire 17 year olds (although it was against store policies since everybody had to be 18 and over), I knew they must have been desperate because everybody was leaving the job and now i know why. :lol:
  14. Cashier :Push:
  15. I worked at McDonald's for a whole 2 months....it was the WORST!! :hysteric: