Worst Interview Experience, Anyone?

  1. Would anyone care to share his/her worst interview experience? What happened and what made it the worst?
  2. i hateeeeee group interviews. you have to do the whole, i'm better than that person' thing and answer the questions super fast and with snootiness and ask all the good questions.. in group interviews, there IS such a thing as a 'stupid question'.

    my worst interview was with Abercrombie & Fitch. this was before the whole racist trial crap.. and after it was over, i COULD've still filed my suit with everyone else, but i was over it and i don't wanna bother with it all. i knew that i didn't get the job because i was asian and skinny.. but i do understand that the company does have to keep an image that reflects their products. if i was asian and beefy/muscly like their models, then i would be a lil more pissed.
  3. I had an interview with a real horse's a$$ when I was first transitioning into my IT career 12 years ago. Not only would I have to start all over in an entry level position, taking a 50% paycut from my prior job, but the guy interviewing me kept yawning the entire time and making no apologies or ways to hide it. I was pissed to say the least. I said "look, do you want to go get a copy of coffee or something?" I didn't care at that point if I was being rude or out of line. HE was being extremely discourteous. I mean, really now, would you act that way in front of a CLIENT? I think not.

    I ended up taking the job if you can believe it, after realizing I wouldn't have to work directly for or near that jerk. And the big paycut was worth it in the end because I got promoted after paying my dues.
  4. I was at an interview once for a prominent phameceutical company (name will remain disclosed).. the interview was going fairly well until the man proceeded to tell me that they wanted to weigh me, because they weighed all of their candidates and this was normal protocol because they had "standards" for their employees.... luckiky I guess I "passed", but I just kept thinking thats a lawsuit waiting to happen...
  5. I'm very tempted to share mine. I don't think anyone can beat mine, but I should probably do it when I'm feeling calmer.

    In the meantime, I would like to hear more interview horror stories please.
  6. I cried at an interview. It was the first interview since my Mom passed away and something the interviewer said triggered it.
    I still got the job b/c they said I showed warmth?
    Weird but true.
  7. I interviewed at a marketing firm where the guy asked me, "So is University of California like one of those online universities?" Seriously?!

    I also had an awful interview for this really ridiculous job that I think everyone in the world must be overqualified for. I forgot how I got set up for this interview, but it was over the telephone. It was a truly crappy job for an e-sourcing company and the ridiculously snooty woman kept asking, "Why are you interested in this job?" "Why would you choose this job over others?" "Why do you think this job would be an excellent choice for you?" I was almost going to say, "Listen, lady, don't pretend like anybody actually wants to take this job for any reason other than to pay her bills." She kept making it sound like such an extraordinary privilege to work for this dingy little company.

    Luckily, I work for a great corporate headhunting firm now. Pheww.
  8. Let me tell you some from the interviewer perspective: I had the honour of interviewing some 'potential' (N.B. the inverted commas, LOL) candidates that want to enter our investment bank as analysts. Clearly I'm seen as some kind of a pushover that they allocated me to do the final round interview in a completely unrelated field :sweatdrop:!

    1st guy
    Me: I see that you have written that you also have a penchant for structured credit derivatives. What do you think is the latest development in the credit market?
    The guy: Blurted out the latest thing he saw from a newspaper – Collateralised Proportion Debt Obligation. [He got the name wrong in the 1st place!]
    Me: Yes, I'm quite fascinated by the whole hype as well. What do you think are the potential risks in investing in Constant Proportion Debt Obligation?
    The guy: I gather that it's the same as investing in a government bond :noggin:.

    2nd guy
    Me: You say that you have strong interpersonal skills. Can I test that by asking you to convince me why I should make a recommendation on your behalf?
    The guy: Sweating like there is no tomorrow, LOL. Then proceeded to talk in a stutter.

    The main point is that unless you have a nasty interviewer, interviews go awry when people try to be someone they are not whilst trying to impress. Unless you are a psychopathic liar (actually there are lots), you will get yourself in a mess. You have to be yourself like this:

    A girl – she was by far the best and she was so beautiful as well (in an innocent way, though she is so not going to be so innocent when she get into our firm, LOL)!
    Me: Please tell me of a situation where you dealt with an opposite party that was unwilling to cooperate (she was applying for Mergers and Acquisitions so this is v.important)?
    The girl: Getting my name on the Hermès Birkin list, especially in comparison to getting a Chanel suit like the one you are wearing.
    Me: LOL! You are hired!

    I think she has been marked to be hired because she was so bright anyway (and has the boldness as well as sense of humour to talk about a Birkin in a job interview) so I’m looking forward to seeing her again next July, LOL.
  9. You are probably right that she was being snotty but we ask these questions as well to weed out what we call 'serial' applicants. They just type out a set of cover letter and CV/Résumé (actually you do it through online application now) just hoping to land a job without real motivation!
  10. I interviewed for a position working for a United States Senator. I did very well on the first interview. For the second interview, I met with the state director, who handled his main office in Orlando, as well as his two satellite offices in Miami and Tallahassee. He proceeded to embarrass me in front of everyone who was sitting in on the interview - asked me about personal political beliefs, who I voted for, where I stood on important issues, etc. Nothing about my work experience, capabilities, talents... nothing like that. It was all personal questions, and when I answered with something that didn't agree with the senator's view on the issue, the state director berated me and humiliated me in front of everyone. It was a nightmare. I left crying. Needless to say, I'm not voting for this senator when he's up for re-election in 2008 :yucky:

    Funny thing - about 6 months ago I received a call from someone at the senator's office. They were going through resumes and came across mine, wanted to see if I was still job hunting. I told the guy over the phone the story of what happened. He quickly said goodbye and hung up :roflmfao:
  11. This story isn't job related, but when I was interviewing during the college admissions process, my first interview was with two alums from Dartmouth. The alum whose house I was interviewing at had two pug dogs, who sat further down from me on the same sofa. Halfway through, the black pug actually MOUNTED the white pug and started going at it! I didn't know what to think of that- I looked away and pretended not to notice anything, since I didn't want to botch the interview by reacting! The alum whose dog it was got up and separated them, and the interview was never quite the same after that. Oh, well.

    Also, I was recently at a job fair (this past Thursday, actually) and I walked up to the IBM booth and introduced myself to the older male recruiter who was standing there. I mentioned that I wanted to work in HR and I was so excited that HE got really excited, until he read my resume. Now, I have two masters degrees, including one in HR Development, and am currently training to be a corporate coach, and I've been told that my work experience is very good. He instead chose to focus on the fact that I work for NYC gov't and have been there for almost four and a half years. With a smug smile on his face, he shook his head and said he knew what it felt like to go to grad school and then get stuck in a city job and not be able to move on from there, having previously worked for the city himself. I was so shocked- I wanted to smack him! He was such a hypocrite, standing there and telling me that I was stuck and there he was, a living example of someone who got out of the system. Argh. I get mad just thinking about it. I never, ever, thought of myself as stuck until he mentioned it. Not all gov't work experiences are the same, anyway!
  12. I work in I.T. too and was sent by an I.T recruiting firm to interview with a company that was fairly well known. The manager took me on a tour of the I.T. department. First, everyone working in the department was male. Second, the department was located in one room with no windows. Third, the work area for each employee reminded me of a voting booth but to make matters worse, all the servers (about 12-15 were in the same room separated by a curtain...the noise was dreadful. Worse of all, the manager was 20 minutes late for the interview, didn't apologize for being late, kept looking at his watch the entire time and took a phone call when I was answering a question. I couldn't get out of there fast enough. He tried to walk me to the lobby and I was about ten steps ahead of him. I didn't thank him for his time since I really wanted to tell him what I really thought of him. Since I was sent by a recruiting firm, I contacted my rep and told him that his firm was no longer representing me. I immediately went to the another firm who landed me the wonderful job I now have.

    Guess things happen for a reason.
  13. fortunately I have not had horrendous job interview occasions.
    unfortunately I have not done a lot of interviews, so the overall concept is quite daunting
  14. I am not sure if it is quite a "horror story"... but... I fierd a possible employer in the middle of an interview.
    She over-stepped MY line!:supacool:
  15. I'd love to share mine!!!! I find it VERY funny now but, back then, I was SOOOO humiliated!

    Ok, that was an interview with a local publisher and I didn't think it would be a big deal. So, two ladies that were interviewing me start asking all the usual questions. So far, so good. All of a sudded they realize that they have to step out in order to call another interviewer in and hand me a BROWN PAPER BAG and a box of CRAYONS!!!!! One of them says, "Go crazy!" I'm sitting there trying to understand what's going on when the lady says, "Draw whatever you want. I don't care what. Go crazy!" Alright, I'm not artistic and I have no idea what to draw! So, I scribble a few lines on that paper bag and hope that's good enough. The ladies come back in and ask me what it is . Of course, I have no idea what it is! I am sitting there in a suit, with a college degree under my belt, trying to go crazy with drawing on a paper bag! :shrugs:

    Of course, my answer pisses her off, so she hands me the same box of crayons and tells me to do a presentation about it. So, I start out by saying that I have a great box of crayons in my possession and they're perfect for all ages, etc, etc. I tell her EVERYTHING I know about crayons and it's still not good enough! She looks even more pissed now!

    Finally, she gives me one crayon and asks me to sell it to her! Well, I have two years of retail experience, so I think it should be a breeze! After about 5 minutes of simply asking her to buy the da*n crayon and telling her all the great things about it, I start offering her other options (different colors, tips, etc). She keeps telling me she doesn't want anything! OK, let's be honest now, if someone talks to me for about 15 mnutes about something I am NOT even remotely interested in, shouldn't that person FINALLY get the hint and STOP selling me whatever he/she is selling???? No, seriously???

    Well, after my VERY poor presentation and, apparently, no selling skills, she decides that the job is not for me and offers me another one! I just want to get out of there as soon as possible, so I agree. She tells me she'll call me back to schedule another interview and I am SO happy to finally get out of there!

    And guess what????? She called me a few days later to schedule a second interview!!!!! I didn't answer her call and I never called her back! I knew I was being rude but I knew that if I talk to her again, I might regret what I say.

    That was the MOST humiliating interview I have ever had in my life!!!!!!