Worst Hotel you have ever stayed in......

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  1. I did a thread on here for the best hotel and it got me thinking, what is the worst hotel you have ever stayed in and Why?

    So any information you have on that hotel please give. I Know it will be your own personal opinion
  2. A Ramada Inn in Orlando, FL. The place stunk, literally:yucky: ! We checked in, went to our room, couldn't stand the smell, and went back down to the front desk to tell them we were leaving.
  3. A hotel in Moscow that used to be a brothel. Oh, the joys of being a student in a foreign country.:yucky:
  4. for the $, Atlantis in Bahamas hands down :yucky:

    It wasn't cheap and we weren't in the least expensive tower, but our service was heinous, I get better service at the Holiday Inn Express in Edmond, OK - NOT JOKING.
  5. My first semester of college in FL, the school recommended for my family and myself to stay at this hotel on the beach. We finally got there after a 14 hour drive...Then we get to the hotel and it's absolutely DISGUSTING. We walked in the room and walked out. I guess they recommend those hotels to students staying for spring break (I was in Daytona Beach), but that was noooo family hotel.

    We trecked over to the Hampton Inn and never looked back.
  6. I am almost embarrassed to say this, but when DH and I first got together, we were both still living at home with our parents, so getting time alone was difficult. Sometimes we'd check into a scuzzy little Motel for a few hours... they were nasty - but we weren't there for the ambiance, KWIM??!!

    I swear I am blushing in front of my computer screen! Now we look back on those time and just laugh - young and horny! Anyway, those places were nasty and not worth remembering the names of them! Sometimes we pass one of them when we're driving somewhere w/ the kids... Ahh, good times, man. Good times.

  7. Happy memories........:graucho:
  8. there was a Howard Johnson that my family and I stayed at on our way to Orlando. other than the fact that the sheets had a bad odor .... there were cockaroaches and I believe there may have been some on the walls or ceiling can't really remember since it's been so long ago :yucky:
  9. I don't think I've stayed in a really bad hotel, which is good considering I always stay in the cheap ones! I remember once in Fuerteventura the couple in the room below us having a fight and it sounded like they were going to kill each other, but to be fair it wasn't the hotels fault!
  10. Last month I stayed at the Millenium Biltmore in LA & it was AWFUL!

    The room had a great deal of potential, it actually had a walk-in closet, but there was nasty black mold on the air vents and the shower walls, the rug had scary looking stains and there was a THICK layer of dust/dirt on many things such as the bathroom light fixtures and window treatments.

    It was bad enough that the only thing I can can compare it to was when I stayed at a Best Western in Rankin, Ill in the middle of January and there was no heat & a chain smoker somewhere on the floor.
  11. One time my boyfriend and I were going to a music fest in a small town. We decided to spend the night there instead of driving home. We went to this motel that looked okay... but the room was just icky. The sheets were probably 50 thread count and it just felt damp and gross. Every time we see it, we have to bring up how bad it was!
  12. I stayed in a cheap motel where the bedcover had brown stains underneath, the "bathroom" looked like it came from an aeroplane, (the toilet was in the shower!) and there was a fine layer of dandruff (ash) all over the surfaces!
  13. Hummingbird Inn in Ojai. The floor was concrete and a quick inspection of the bed revealed a nest of spiders at the foot, under the covers.
  14. I dont rmembe the name- but its in BIG BEAR LAKE,CA...it was haunted.

  15. My husband and I went on an Apple vacation BK ("before kids"), and before we understood the Apple 5 star rating system (5 being the best). We unwisely chose a "2 apple" vacation on an island in the Bahamas. We were probably one of only a few people staying in the hotel, for a good reason! The bedspread had obviously not been changed since the last visitors, and it smelled like they had a GREAT time on that bedspread- KWIM? It was NASTY. to top it off, it rained the whole trip, and the roof leaked. So the manager gave us buckets to trap the water... What a nightmare.

    Luckily the sun came out the day that we left, and Sean Connery was at the bar. too little, too late!