Worst hotel (or other holiday) - go on share..

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  1. About 10 yrs ago dh and I went on a bus tour of Switzerland. Most of the places we stayed at we're lovely but there was one I will never forget (tho can't recall where it was or the name of it I'm afraid!).

    Arrived mid afternoon and there was nobody at reception. Tour guide then spent nearly an hour trying to locate the owner to open the place up (we sat outside on our suitcases as bus couldn't park directly outside).

    Given our hotel room number so headed up the stairs (no lift) to the 3rd floor and made our way down the corridor...to a locked metal gate! Our room was on the other side of the gate with a second room door.:cursing:

    Not wanting to Humf the suitcases back down the stairs again, DH jogged down the stairs to ask for them to let us through.

    20 minutes later he arrived and said we had to go up the back entrance as they couldn't find the keys (fire hazard anyone?).

    Down stairs and out into the street, round corner and down a narrow passageway to a door which has been wedged open with a overflowing bucket of..fish heads! I kid you not...absolutely rank.:throwup:

    Back up three flights of stairs to our room..

    Which was small (bathroom was in the room...not adjoining I might add...toilet next to bed, shower cubicle in the corner)...but that wasn't the best bit...

    No, that was the "artwork" on the walls! Which can only be described as being pornographic in nature! Pencil drawings of gynaecological poses (seriously, left nothing to the imagination) :wtf:

    Too tired from moving the bags to complain and up at 6am the next morning so headed to bed.:sleepy:

    4am woken by 2 extremely drunk girls in the next room who couldn't get through the metal gate (still locked) and threw up in the corridor. Took another hour for them to go round the back past the fish heads (more vomit I would think) to get too their room where they sang Madonna "like a virgin" till 5.30.

    Next day others in the tour mentioned the artwork in their room (varied from partially undressed a la bikini to full in your face text book gynae...ours being voted the worst).:shocked:

    No idea if the place is still there but several yrs later my parents did the same tour and didn't stay at that hotel so guessing the tour company decided not to renew the contract!;)

    So, any other stays from hell...

    (another place i stayed in on business had a cot in the room with a used nappy and half empty baby bottle...that had curdled...lovely).
  2. I stayed at this hotel in Paris on a school trip. The room was SO tiny and i had to share it will 2 other people. There was barely enough room to fit our suitcases. There were no elevators and we had to lug our stuff up 3 flights of stairs. To make matters worse, there was NO power on our floor so it was pitch black. It took us a good 10 minutes to get our key into the door since we couldn't see. It was a horrible experience. It was the first night of the trip, i was 15, jetlagged and feeling homesick. I almost cried. Thankfully the rest of the trip(and hotels) were much better!
  3. Went to Barcelona last summer, and my sister booked the hotel, based on her friend's experience there which was supposedly "great". Well, needless to say, it was far from "great". I had high expectations since it was in a good neighborhood. I think it was on Digonal--where there were some high end shops. First, the room was smaller than the other hotels which I booked in Paris, Seville and Granada. The room was smaller, the A/C didn't work--we called the front desk and they "allegedly fixed the problem, NOT", the elevator only accommodated 2 people at a time, the bathroom looked like it hasn't been upgraded since the late 70's/early 80's, no ventilation--we tried opening the window, but it was so humid and hot in Barcelona, that didn't really help either. It was the end of our European trip, and what a horrible way to end it. To end it at a crappy hotel. Our last night, we were so drunk from this shot of herb-like liqueur that we got from an amazing seafood/paella restaurant. We didn't have much, but dang, did it hit us! Thank goodness we woke up in time for our flight home. But to this day, I can't let my sister live this one down! I grilled my sister on her friend's taste and level of comfort/expectations. Not gonna take my sister's friend's advice on anything!!! Just gonna rely on other's reviews. Even with this "minor", cough, detail, the trip was amazing!
  4. Worst experience....

    Back in 2010. I was travelling on my own (first time) - had been in Vienna for work, and had a friend in Budapest so I got the train over. All fine. Was just seeing her for a day so got the last train back from Budapest the next night.... well, it turns out that train didn't stop at the same station in Vienna I had gotten on the day before. But I didn't know this. So I miss my stop. By this point, it is after midnight. (I should add I thought the train was only going to Vienna - as in wasn't going any further than Vienna). Luckily some people had gotten on that spoke English (I can't speak German) and I asked them had we in fact already left Vienna - Yes we had. Where was the train going? Munich!!!

    So I get off at the next stop, but that is about an hour outside of Vienna. Middle of nowhere. It is around 1am. Next train back to Vienna doesn't come until 5am. So I have to wait at a train station for 4 hours - in the middle of the night. Thankfully there was a waiting area and I wasn't mugged/attacked or anything like that.

    And.... although I had Euro with me, I didn't have coins - which you have to have to use the toilets at the train station... so in order to get change I had to buy a train ticket I didn't need! (So I could use a note and get some coins back)
  5. Oh, and worst hotel. Would have been in London (this was the same trip). I was only staying for one night, knew I would be dead tired from flying anyway (London was my first stop - so it had been a very long trip from Australia!) and considering the price of accommodation in London, wasn't going to pay for 4 or 5 star.

    I can't actually remember the name of the place - but it was near Euston station.

    In some ways it was fine - own room and bathroom, clean etc, but it was so tiny! It only had a single bed (which was fine, I had booked a single room but had never been in a hotel that had rooms with one single bed)... but it also had a desk. The desk was so close to the bed that you couldn't pull the chair out far enough to actually sit down!

    Very claustrophobic, and don't think I would have handled it if I had been staying for a long period.
  6. Worst hotel we've stayed in, well, the 1st one that pops into my mind is the Grand Wailea. Atlantis is a very close 2nd!
  7. Sandals Ocho Rios - hands down
  8. A condo in the Kaanipali area of Maui. OMG, it was a nightmare. Half the furnishings, including light fixtures were missing. The smoke detector had no batteries in it (we saw it open and empty). We went out for batteries (check in at the rental office wouldn't do anything) and came back to find workers replacing window coverings--they told us the owner was renovating WHILE were were going to be there! At that point we decided to find another place on the island the next morning. Overnight a terrible storm went through and knocked out all the power. We still left and drove to Wailea in hopes of finding a room there. Fortunately we did and the vacation was saved.

    p.s. we've never stayed in Kaanipali since and always have gone to Wailea. I'm sure that first experience scarred me for life, LOL!
  9. I've heard SO many complaints about Atlantis it's not even funny!
  10. suuuuuuuuucked, lol!
  11. Las Vegas Club - holes in the wall, roaches, hookers in the elevators - it was a horrible place. We left after one night and went to the Stratosphere.
  12. Fenwick Inn in Fenwick DE. dont go there!