Worst gifts/cheap relatives? Tell your story

  1. Thought this might be fun. My husband is the youngest of 3 children-way, way, way the youngest. he is 10 & 15 years apart from his sisters. Anyway-the eldest sister-we will call her Cheapo-is truly one of the cheapest people I have ever met in my life. And, especially when it comes to gift giving-she is terrible! Now, you don't have to spend a lot on me for gifts-but, put some thought into it at least-ya know? and, we are not talking about cheap gift giving out of poverty-we are talking out of sheer cheapness.

    This woman and her hubby make a very good living-they are way older than us (She is 65)-their house is paid off, their kids are long grown-etc. etc.. They have told us what they make a year-so, it isn't that.

    Over the years she has given us everything from dirty books with fingerprints inside and dirt inside to used luggage (gifted to my other SIL with someone else's name still in it), one time, she actually reached into her cupboard and took out an old tea kettle, handed it to me and said happy anniversary! :wtf: When my older son turned 15-she gave him a pin with a stick figure on it that said happy birthday and it lit up! To a 15 year old boy! She even had the nerve to call me up and ask me if he liked it!
    She has sent my stepadughters used tights, and to the one who has 2 little girls-boy clothing. We have even received cards from her where her name or her hubby's name was obviously whited out and she then proceeded to fill in one of our names!

    Oh wait-when her oldest son's wife was expecting their first child-her first grandchild-she went out and bought them a used diaper pail at a garage sale and then was insulted! insulted I say that they did not want it. When my youngest was potty training-she called me from a garage sale to say that there was a used potty chair there for $5 and did I want her to buy it for me? When I said no-that I would get my son a new one (I mean-they cost what? $20? $25?) she acted like I was a nut and wasteful of money :rolleyes:

    I think the clincher was when one year she gave hubby and I a big box filled with presents. As we were looking through the box, I noticed inside a book that I had given her the year before! The inscription I had written inside of it was still there!!

    Hubby went nuts (we had long suspected that she just went through her house and wrapped up sh-t that she didn't want anymore and gave it away as gifts) and ran into the kitchen to confront her-she at first said- "Oh-I must have bought you the same book", then he showed her the inscription proving it was the same EXACT book we had given her last year. Her response? "Oh-I wouldn't have given it to you if I had realized you had given it to me"

    After that fiasco, we received nice new things for a year after. But, she has since gone back to her old habits-this past birthday, my turning 5 year old received a boxed set of winnie the pooh books. The pages were so brown-I can't even iamgine how old they were and when I went to take one of the books out-a card fell out that said "Dear Joan, Happy Birthday love, shnookums". Obviously, another used, bought at a garage sale gift that she doesn't even bother to check for dirt or inscriptions or anything-needless to say-it went straight to the garbage!
  2. free gift promotion with a purchase.....i was at the mall and happened to see the promotion, the company was GIVING a bright red fake croc bag with a purchase of $50 or more. I got it for X-mas. Needless to say...I threw it away that very moment.
  3. it wasn't out of cheapness per se, more like *ahem* difference in taste. :smile:

    one year for christmas i got see through socks (oh yes, red white and blue striped mesh), a pewter cat pin, and a striped scarf/mittens/hat set in red white and blue made of nylon or polyester or something horrid to the touch when i don't wear any of those things (it only gets about 45 degrees at the coldest here). that taught me to never again NOT give a christmas list to my inlaws. they are very much list people apparently and this is what happens when left to their own devices. :smile: they meant well though, i'll give them that.
  4. she sounds a little mentally disturbed. is she a little off balance? I'm really not kidding here.
  5. Nishi621, that is just sad.:sad:

    I have 3 SILs and they all have their weird moments but one of them is beyond cheap, even though both her and her husband do very well. One year for my b-day she sent me this package that had a set of four small lipsticks in it and the label on the back of the package said "FREE gift with purchase, NOT for resale":nuts:. I guess it wasn't her shade and she forgot to peel the label off before she sent it to me!:roflmfao:
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Goodness! That's a VERY appropriate name for her! I can't believe she's that ridiculous.. that takes talent to be THAT stingy :shocked: No thank you cards for her...

    Hmm the worst present I've ever gotten so far is probably a snoopy doll with a light up pen for my 18th birthday!! I guess some relatives forget that kids do grow up LOL
  7. wow that's terrible!!

    The worst gift I had ever got was a pink space ship-shaped night light for my 10th birthday. First of all, I'm a guy, so no pink for me. Secondly.. why would I need a night light? I'm not afraid of the dark - I actually can't sleep unless it's absolute darkness in my room, the smallest little light bothers me.
  8. I've heard of similar stories like that with in laws. It's just sad.
  9. I think the worst gift I EVER got was a coupon for Old Country Buffet. Not even a gift certificate--- a COUPON! I don't even like their food. lol
  10. My father's side of the family has given me some bad stuff...

    1. A salad shaker and lettuce scissors (I'm a teenager, not Suzy Homemaker!)

    2. A children's bead loom (got this when I was 17)

    3. State cow figurines

    4. An assortment of things from the 99 cent store

    5. A cd player and headphones found in the dumpster behind Radio Shack

    6. Old-lady purses (when I was 5)

    7. A dust-encrusted bath set

    And a whole bunch of other strange things I can't remember!
  11. OK, for my wedding shower (and keep in mind I registered for everything from very inexpensive items to more expensive) my mother in law gave me an ALUMINUM ICE BUCKET FROM WAL MART. Yes, I yelled that. It still had the tag on it. No, I did not register at Wal Mart. Yes, I found a suspicious little blot of Xmas paper in the box. Yes, I have a prenup that stipulates we will never let them live with us.

  12. OMG-we have the same SIL!:roflmfao:
  13. Actually, maybe Nishi621 should send her a thank you card . . . a used thank you card! Nishi you should take an old card, scratch out the name, and put her name on it. See how she likes a taste of her own medicine! :P
  14. Hmm...my problem is that my in-laws (6 sister-in-laws) who don't even remember my kids' for birthdays/holidays. Which is better? To remember their birthday w/a cheap gift or don't remember/acknowledge at all?

    (in-law is such a bad word to me!)
  15. I wish that were the answer-but, she really is just that cheap.

    Not with herself of course! She has a gorgeous home filled with beautiful furniture, antiques and knick knacks, buys herself nice jewelry and goes on about 4 vacations a year-and, not little vacations, cruises and such.