Worst fear realized at the airport

  1. I was flying from Dallas to Houston yesterday with my newly acquired Damier Vaslav. I was really happy that I got through the weekend without incident for it. Unfortunately, stupid me, I reserved a seat online at the head of the plane. I usually want to get out of the plane as soon it lands. I didn't realize that the seat faced a wall and there was no place for me to stow it. The plane was small and dinky and the Vaslav can't fit the overhead bin. I was horrified when I had to give up my Vaslav and almost fainted in the jetway when I saw them flinging it onto the tarmac. When I got to Houston, I promptly inspected my bag for scratches and true enough, there was a half-an-inch scratch on the canvas.:crybaby:It's barely noticeable because of the damier's visual pattern but still...I kept telling myself that luggage is luggage and they will eventually acquire some wear. I just didn't think it would be this soon. :sad:
  2. Aw i'm so sorry to hear that!
    That's why i'm kinda worried about buying LV luggage cause i find i would probably baby it.
    So sorry that happend!
  3. I would never buy expensive luggage.. even with crappy luggage on the train I'm constantly looking behind me to make sure it's still there.

    Although saying this I'm sorry it happened to you. :sad:

    Hopefully this'll be the last time it happens.
  4. Awwww...I'm sorry that happened to you!!!!!
  5. Damn but it didn't *rip* the canvas. right? Man I would be p====== too but if it was still okay, it might take the edge off the babying part?
  6. Oh, I'm so sorry!
  7. I look at it this way. It is terrible that it got damaged but that is kind of what lugguage is supposed to do.

    Now when you see the scratch and all the scratches thereafter you will remember that this wonderful bag was used for its intended purpose and that the scratches, bumps and dings are all reminders of how you got to go out of town.

  8. Airport baggage handlers are NOTORIOUSLY rough on LV. It makes me so angry! I never check my LV keepall because of it. I'm so sorry this happened to you!
  9. I'm really sorry to hear that! I'm glad to hear it's not that noticeable though and as kcookejr said, over time, you will be reminded of all your wonderful trips out of town.
  10. Sorry about that!
  11. I travel a lot and I always take my LV luggage.

    I don't worry about it because I know that luggage gets scratch. So far, I haven't had anything severe happen to it.

    I do keep my keepall with me and put it in the overhead.
  12. that's sad to hear. is it a white mark? maybe it can still rub off. take it to your boutique, maybe they can do something about it. *fingers crossed*
  13. Oh dear, I'm so sorry!! I would just freak out too..., but at least it's not so noticable and you will someday reminisce the incident fondly.

  14. No white marks. You know how the checker pattern of damier is dark and light. It happened on the dark square. This square consists of light brown on top of a black background. It grazed a few of the light brown. I think the damier has a total of 105 markings/square. It grazed around 5 of them. Gosh, am I being so critical???!! I guess, there are a few of us in this forum.
    I have a pic of it in my blog. :p
  15. Eeep!! I could have freaked out too if I was asked to hand over my LV to a luggage handler.

    I'm sure the "battle scar" on your Vaslav is only noticeable to you. No worries :smile: