Worst Fashion Mishaps

  1. What is the worst thing you have seen someone wearing? I think I met my met my match yesterday, DH and I were leaving a wedding reception and there was a couple walking in front of us. The woman was wearing some sort of cotton dress it was white with yellow flowers and stopped just above her knee, well that doesn't sound too bad right? WRONG she had on with this dress (which could have passed for a nightgown) some black leather dominatrix type heels :wtf:
    I couldn't believe it, DH just burst out laughing, I still cannot believe she wore that to a wedding and out in public. What are some of the worst things you have seen?
  2. Once when I was getting on the subway, I saw an older woman wearing a nylon windbreaker with a sort of blouson style (has tight fitting strips at the bottom and cuffs with a LOT of extra fabric on top, rolling over it) in the print of the strange Picasso statue downtown in shades of purple, green, blue, and red and she also had on a pair of black capris that rode up to probably around her belly button area. But it gets worse. She also had on dark sunglasses (this is the underground part of the Chicago subway, and she obviously didn't have impaired vision) and this gargantuate wide-brimmed FUSCHIA hat.
  3. Me in junior high in the late 1980's. Peg leg jeans double pair of socks to match my outfit and oversized shirt with a big belt. Lets not even talk about the hair.
  4. Haha I love these kind of threads.
    I was at my husbands friends wedding a few weeks ago, and the table to the right of ours, there was a woman with orange linen trousers, orange jacket, orange shirt, orange hair band and a FAKE Louis Vuitton mesenger bag! Was hilarious, especially after a few drinks...:graucho:
  5. Talking about frushia... I was dating my DH when I went to his distant relative's wedding where a lady (quite chubby) squeezed into a frushia prom dress thingy with lots of ruffles and have more fluff to it than the bride's gown and she is NOT the bride's maid!

    Just quite inapproriate at the wedding... and way too strange.
  6. I saw a man wearing head-to-toe Burberry check, carrying a Burberry bag.
  7. I'll never understand how some people walk away from a mirror thinking things like this look ok :roflmfao:
  8. LOL! I saw the same thing about a year ago. Maybe it's the same guy!
  9. The other day I saw some tragic lady wearing a cami sans bra......mind you that this lady was slightly overweight and had a pair of ginormous boobs.

    Her boobs were literally hanging.. :yucky:
  10. I saw the hardest working pair of white stretch pants on a ahem very large lady. you could see her cellulite bulging through - BARF!!!
  11. HUGE hoop earrings...was never a fan of them.
  12. Funny that weddings keep popping up...

    I was at one last year... a formal, Catholic one and everyone was soooo conservatively dressed. I fell asleep looking at myself in the mirror. That boring. That bad. But I digress.

    Once sitting at the pew in the church, a cousin of the bride rolled in, probably about 22 y/o with a BF the same age. She was wearing a whisper thin red satin dress that looked like it stepped off the cover of Victorias Secret! And it was BACKLESS. When she turned to sit down, all the people behind her gasped.It was a deep V back, with black satin trim. Oh, and black satin shoes... I could have died right then and there for her.
  13. Oh my, I'm still scarred from the time I was in Bloomingdale's and there was a guy working there who was wearing a bright pink Ralph Lauren polo with the collar popped [the one with the big horse logo, no less]...now, that doesn't sound too bad considering it could be pulled off on the right body. This guy had the BIGGEST man-boobs I'd ever seen. That shirt was WAY too tight for him... :yucky:

    He also had on a pair of too-short shorts....and had the hairiest jungle-man legs.

    Sorry if that sounded harsh...I just don't understand why people would want to go out and have someone's impression of them be that hideous outfit they're wearing.
  14. Once, I saw a very heavy woman wearing a juicy couture tracksuit. A very large part of her belly wasn't covered and was hanging over her pants, down over her crotch and almost reached her knees. It made you wonder why she even left the house.
  15. That's why now when my hubby and I are out and either of us see somebody in BAD clothes - we just prod the other one and say "Mirror!". Even our friends have caught on now and the word "Mirror" has become a bit of a catchphrase for our group! Ooh we are such *****es!!!