Worst experience of my life

  1. I know many of us on here hate eBay sometimes (I am no cheerleader for eBay most of the time). But I recently had an experience on ioffer.com that makes me appreciate eBay SO MUCH! For some reason I thought it was a good idea to test on buying on ioffer, I purchased a pair of Louboutins from someone that was listed as in Los Angeles. A week later, I get a package from China opened it and it was a bunch of colored rocks wrapped in styrofoam, bubblewrap, and 10 tons of tape that took me like 10 minutes to open.

    In all my life, I have never been scammed this badly, you do this on Ebay and you get shut down. There is no recourse on ioffer. I'm filing with Paypal, but we will see...times like this make me appreciate Ebay ever so much more...
  2. ^OMG!!! That's horrible! iOffer in general just seems so sketchy, as if they don't even have any rules compared to eBay.
  3. Poor thing! Did you pay with a credit card via paypal? If so, call your company and they will credit it for you.

    And since they are international you can't file mail fraud, sadly.
  4. :wtf::wtf:
    wth is wrong with people!!! omg, i hope you get your $ back. leave neg feedback!!!
  5. Oh. Wow.
    I am so sorry!
  6. Oh gosh how horrible! I've always been afraid of something like this happening. Is there any way you'll be able to get your money back?
  7. Sorry, I hope you get your money back.
  8. what nerve! how terrible for you. so sorry that happend. I hope you get your money back too.
  9. That's terrible l cannot believe that somebody would act so low. Just one question does Paypal work with ioffer the same as it does with eBay?
  10. Unbelievable! Let us know what happens.
  11. I can't believe people can be so terrible! Let us know how this ends up.
    So sorry you got cheated.
  12. Wow- that has to be the worst scam ever! I hope you can get your money back!
  13. What the heck?!? How could someone do that and sleep at night? I am so sorry-- I hope you get your money back. And those people have karma coming to them!
  14. Holy moly... I hope paypal sides with you. That's insane. I'm sorry!
  15. :nuts:Good Lord...and I thought I had problems with my ebay idiot guy selling the JC ring bag! At least he refunded after I paid. All you got was rocks?
    I, too have thought there is a lot of trust involved with buying online. I mean, you send someone money and then wait to see if they send you the item you paid for...