worst customer service - united colors of benetton

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  1. hi fellow tpf-ers!

    those of you who've seen me post probably knows that i work in retail but i honestly have never had such a horrible experience as i did at this store.

    i brought a winter coat from this store about 2 months ago. I alternate that jacket between the other two trench coats i'm currently favoring this season. for some reason, one of the side pocket's thread started unraveling.

    between work and school and the busy holiday season i didn't have a chance to bring it in asap, but as soon as i could i did.

    the sales person pretty much looked at me and said there was nothing that she could do about it.

    so i asked to speak to a manager.

    the manager wasn't due back from lunch until 30mins later so i walked around and then went back.

    at first the manager was looking at it, asking questions, etc. then told me that there was nothing she could do, again.

    since i've shopped there before i knew they had an alteration service, so since they were unwilling to offer to exchange or refund, I asked them if they could use their alteration service to sew it up, it was just a small corner on the side that started to unravel.

    so the manager was like, okay, and it was suppose to be done free of charge, i left my cell phone number and i had theirs (as well as their names) and when i was halfway down the escalator i get a call. it turns out that she, the manager, "thought" i was another girl who had the SAME problem with this jacket, on the SAME pocket and everything, but she only had it for a week. which is why she would offer the free alteration, but in my case i'd have to pay.

    of course i went back up and spoke to her in person, she still insisted that i had to pay even though she orignally was going to have it done free, but only because of a mistaken identity (mind you, the problem is still the same nonetheless)

    i swear, if i didn't work in retail, i would have just took my jacket still unraveled and all, and left or pair for it. as it stands i know about consumer rights and i know that if a product is defective, in which this case it was, the company if they want to be in good graces with it's customers, should not only be apologetic but also resolve the problem straightawy.

    but instead this lady, manager, ****** from ***, decides saving that few extra dollars is more important and wouldn't budge until i mentioned calling customer service.

    i did get my jacket repaired but i'm never shopping in that store again. if i do want something from benetton i'd shop at the union square one first, and if all fails my childhood nanny's daughter works at the corporated level in hong kong =P she always sends me stuff for free but i rather not abuse that relationship.

    point of long story, customer service in the store may not work, but corporate cares.
  2. I'm sorry that you had to deal with that level of customer service. When things like that happen to me, I immediately call corporate or the number that many retail stores provide to receive customer complaints.
  3. I'm glad you were firm about it!!!
  4. Dont we all hate bad customer service!

    I experienced bad C.S 2 days ago @ macys at the Irvine Spectrum.


    I guess SA's are worn out since its the holidays...but they can atleast treat every customer with a smile atleast.
  5. i wanted to! but she ended up repairing the jacket for free.

    maybe i'm so used to helping others repair/get a new purse i just assume that other places would be like that too if there was a defective

    thanks everyone for the comments! i've asked others too...i didn't think i was wrong but the manager made me feel like i was trying to get my money back on a trashed jacket.
  6. That sucks. I've heard good things about that store. Maybe another location? At east, you got what you wanted.
  7. Searle. Plain stupid and ignorant.
  8. Don't worry...there are loads out there who have better customer service.. I've had this kind of crap before..and it so isn't worth it at all. The companies are just plain stupid...
  9. This is a little different, lol, but I've had crappy experiences at benetton too. I went to Benetton in Italy, Austria or Czech Republic (can't remember!!) and I went to pick up a shirt on a table (in hopes of trying it on...) and the girl working there (folding shirts nearby) was rude and pushed me a little bit (so the shirt fell out of my hand) and gave me a look like "I just folded that" although I had the intention of trying it on and BUYING it....UGH. I was so mad that I just left the store.
  10. OMG that is ridiculous.....