worst customer service i have even gotten.

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  1. i went to a sydney lv store today, the one in "the rocks" and well, it was absolutely rubbish, i went to exchange a wallet i bought from a sydney store on castlereagh st, another store. there service was GREAT! absolutely loved it! so i went to get a bag cause it was the only store that had it. so i get there, and there isnt even a door man to open it for me, i think they judged me heavily on appearance and so with my friends, lol even if we were dressed abit "street" because i went straight from work. i get there and open the door, which i did for other people also, then 10 seconds lata, a guard comes n gets the door for me. then i went in to get it exchanged. the wallet was in perfect condition, and they examined it so carefully! they even got someone else to examine it OMG. i bought it 7 days ago... so i get this bag, then half way home, i look in the bag, and i realize that i didnt even get a BOX.. all i got was a bag with a dustbag and a bag... OMG i am never going to that store again, they weren't even nice, didnt even ask you simple conversational things, ohh how was your day or how ur going.... no sweet talk, just business... and they were mostly azn... freakin azns... trust me im azn lol. well anyway, srry u had to listen to me *****in, but if anyone is in sydney, do not go to lv in the rocks, the one in DFS... RUBBISH! the one on castlereagh is the best!

    well anyways, heres my new bag.
    Photo 1.jpg
  2. congrats on your bag!

    but really? come on it's not THAT hard to open the door yourself and i really do understand why they inspect the wallet you brought back..i work in a shoe store and even if they bring back 20 euro's shoes we will inspect them
    imo you are a bit overreacting, just don't worry to much about go out and enjoy your new bag!!
  3. yeah it sux when that happens but i love you with the bag and enjoy it....just to spite them
  4. lol i no its not hard to open the door, i actually didnt care, but its just the principle, im really comparing the service to the other store that i buy from, becuase they have guards there, that should opening?
  5. I can't remember which store it was but in New York my boyfriend and I walked into a store and we heard a sales assistant say "Eeew, Europeans" as we walked by. Sorry if I don't look my best while on holiday and walking about all bloody day. I was so mad I went and gave her a piece of my mind, and didn't buy a thing.
  6. i get it, when i was in rome they dind't have a guard at the store (not at the via dei condotti, other one) but it didn't bother me
    i get your point but you shouldn't waste your energy on feeling like this, enjoy your bag it's gorgeous and forget about what happend! :smile:
  7. lol u shoulda said, im on holidays and ur working behind the counter...
  8. yes i do luv my bag, went out tonit had a great time.. but i just hate that store lol
  9. Sad to read about the very poor customer service you experienced....I know here the security person is so nice. I think that the service at the store IS part of the LV experience and it should be a positive one at that..I hope you are feeling a little better and maybe you can go to the other store to request a box:heart:
  10. As a DFS store The Rocks store has their fair share of headache customers, according to my SA there who moved to the Castlereagh store a while ago.. they also have a lot of staff as they are open late most every day, and are often very busy (though this is no excuse for lack of friendly service) and you'd be hard pressed finding your fav staff working between random visits. Occasionally I visit and am blown away by how frantic everybody seems in there (shoppers and staff). I'd reccomend you shop at the larger store from now on so you can built a repoir with some SA's there. The place is more relaxed with more breathing room for a more personal service.
    Also, next time simply request a box, they will always oblige ;)
  11. :smile::smile::smile:.. I think so. no big deal. just have fun with your new bag.
  12. Im sorry but i think ur a bit overreactin... i heard LVs stopped giving boxes a while ago due to the cost....i actually dont care about the boxes, its bulky and takes a lota space in the closet >__<

    Anyway, enjoy your new bag!!!
  13. omg, i thought this was another juicy horror customer service stories. thought after all the inspecting through your bag, they forgot to include the bag itself. i agree with others, i think you're over reacting a little bit. chill!! enjoy your new bag
  14. Off all the stores I've ever gone to (Vancouver, Canada, LA, Seattle, Las Vegas, New York), none of them opened the door for me. I didn't even know that they did that. I've also never received any boxes for any of the six bags that I've purchased here in Vancouver. They never asked me if I even wanted a box each time. They only time I got boxes was when I bought wallets from them. Most of the sales people here, except for one, don't make small talk. What to do...
  15. I think you may be overreacting a little bit, the service doesn't sound too bad but sorry to hear you didn't like it. :sad:

    With the wallet I think they were just checking you weren't trying to return a fake - think of it this way, how awful would it be if you bought something from the store that turned out to be a fake because they hadn't checked it carefully enough upon return. I'm different, I don't like making small talk at all, since I (usually) know what I want, I just want to get the item and leave rather than chat hehe :biggrin: