WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. A&F wont give me my money back!!!

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  1. The day after christmas I bought several things from A&F, I used a $40 gift card to pay for a small part of it, and my credit card to pay the rest. Mind you, this gift card is not the master card or visa kind..it is a specific mall gift card for our mall (which is very small btw). I decided i did not need a pair of jeans i bought, so i went back a few days later to return them. All tags still on, never worn, and i had my reciept. The cashier asked to see my credit card and typed some stuff in the computer, then gave me my card back as well as a reciept for the return. He said in a few days ill se the credit back to my credit card. Well almost 3 weeks pass and nothing, and after talking to my CC company several times, they tell me they have no record of anything and the store didnt credit me back. I called the store and talked to a male manager, who tells me to wait another week and if it hasnt gone through to come into the store.

    After another week (its now been a month since my return.) I went into the store and the female manager was there. I explained everything and gave her my original reciept as well as my return one. She then gets on the phone with someone, and is on it for almost a half hour. Then she tells me someone will give me a call in the next few days to handle it. I never get a call, so i call the store and talk to the male manager again, who tells me he is sorry they made a mistake but he cant help me and my CC company has my money and just wont give it to me for some reason. I then explain that my CC has no record of my return, and that they (at A$F do, so they need to help me). He says sorry i cant help you, this sucks but i dont know what to tell you. Then i ask if i could please have the district managers phone number because i understand he cant help me but maybe she will know who i can talk to. He then says"uuuuhhhh..hold on. " He put me on hold for 20 minuts. He then got on and told me he cant give out that information and then HUNG UP ON ME.

    I used to work at hollister in this mall and i know that if someone asks for the district managers number, they HAVE to give them it. I also know this manager knew the number but hoped i would hang up while he put me on a super long hold. So i then called hollister and nicely asked the manager i knew there for the distict managers number. She asked what for, and i explained. She told me that monday (it was friday) the district manager would be in and she'd have her call me. Well by tuesday i decided to call hollister and ask to leave a message for the district manager if she was too buisy to come to the phone. The manager on the phone LAUGHED and said "omgggawwwd" and then HUNG UP ON ME. So then i called A&F and the female manager answered, I nicely asked if i could have the number or e mail to contact the district manager becaue i had a problem with a return i made. She YELLS AT ME that "oh my god we have talked to you like 5 times and we cant help you! and we cant give you the district managers number". then she HANG UP ON ME.

    About 10 minuts after all of this, my "friend" who still works at hollister, texts me saying, " louiebabee-omg stop asking for the district managers number, your gonna get people in trouble for messing up your stuff and its only $50. your being annoying stop!"

    So i finaly e mail the main abercrombie email (they dont seem to have a number you can call..every extention just says please email us). They get back to me asking for reciept numbers and such, and a week later they tell me the credit was accidently put on the gift card i had used but they reversed it and were sending me a gift card for the store because they couldnt credit my CC back. I said fine. Well last week i get a call from A&F (not my store, but the company) and they said they are not sending me the store gift card, but crediting my CC back and i should see it that day. This was last week. I still havnt seen the credit so i called that customer service nuber that called me before, and thank god got an actuil person. This lady tells me they have in their computer that my matter is taken care of and they issued the refund to my CC over 7 buisness days ago. She said not all i can do is fax a bank statement there so they can see that i never got my money AGAIN. I asked what happends after that, and she said that they might do the refund again, but since they already did they dont have to, so i might be out of luck.

    I am so crazy mad..I have never had any problem with a store like this ever. How can they do this? I guess they can just not give you your money back and say the heck with you? And about the actuil store managers- They should all get fired. Hanging up on me repeatedly when i was nothing but nice with them and wanted to know how i could get this taken care of. Especially the people at hollister who know me (the ones at A&F didnt know me before this).

    UGHH just needed to vent. I dont know what to do if i dont get the $ back, i guess nothing, but it makes me sooooo mad. :cursing::censor:
  2. That's what happens when "teenagers" manage stores. I don't mean to be derogatory, but seriously! That all sound so juvenille and immature.
  3. Serriously!?! That is un-called for. I would write a letter to the main A&F corrperation and explain everything (Like you did here), if nothing else works. -- Letters sometimes work better than email but honestly!? That kind of treatment is uncalled for.
  4. ^^^ I have to agree with you. I have been in many of the stores that cater to a younger crowd: A&F, Hollister, Am. Eagle and man, if they don't feel like helping you, they simply don't. The sales people will walk around in circles before actually working. This is not to say that all employees of these stores are like that but I have seen it a lot!! Mostly because my daughter is into these stores.
  5. Sorry to hear about your problems. I've never wanted to shop at these type of stores and this lack of customer service just gives me one more reason to stay the heck away.
  6. Call the Better Buisness Bureau. Every time time we've had issues we've called them and you will be surprised how fast you will get a response. They have no right to keep your money.
  7. Great advice - I have done this before and it works like nothing else. OP, I am so sorry that you have to go through this hassle! :sad:
  8. do a charge back on your credit card. i wouldn't have wasted time with all these calls. you have a return receipt so the charge back will go through in your favor.
  9. and i'd tell your 'friend', if it's ONLY $50, why doesn't she give it to you, so you can stop asking for the district managers number.
  10. I say it's time to escalate beyond the district manager. You've been more than patient- they're the ones who are stalling and being uncooperative. If you need to, write someone at corporate.

    Also, file a claim through your cc.

    Sorry, everyone is being such a jerk to you.
  11. Escalate further. I have been a retail manager my whole life and I'd have given final written warnings to every manager on my team for not handling this. Appalling, all around. Had I been the manager I would have asked for a bank record and then re-issued the refund no questions asked.

    Get a head office number and call repeatedly.
  12. Just on general principal, you should take this up as far as you possibly can.
    At the start, contact your credit card company and initiate a chargeback, then file with the BBB and then get on their website, and trash that store and any managers by name that you have.
    Don't give up. This is inexcuseable.
    That company will not see one cent from me ever again.
  13. please write the main office for customer relations and the CEO himself. my friend did this (for entirely different matter though, the SA followed her the entire time during shopping, refused to ring her up so she took their names and the worst part is they all handed their tags for her to write). Whoever the boss is/was wrote an apology letter and a discount card.
  14. wow. just wow. You have been way more patient than I ever would have been. Please don't let them get away with this. Write corporate a calm letter stating all of the facts and I bet they get back to you soon. Also, throw in that you will be contacting the BBB.

    It doesn't matter if it was 100000000 dollars or 50 dollars. It is still money that is owed to you and any reasonable manager would of been able to handle the situation.

    edit:: you also could mention you are a member of an online shopping community, and that most of us are beyond shocked at the service (lack thereof) you have received thus far from them.
  15. omg! I'm so sorry this happened to you! I have to say, I agree with you with their customer service. I really can't believe some of these people that work there? like you are there to help us!!! not just stand around and do nothing!!! I definately agree with everyone else, write a letter, contact BBB; do anything you can, this is not right!!!!

    I don't mean to hijack your thread, but I must tell you guys what happened to me too!

    I went down to the states and bought a sweater (on sale) for my bf, came home and it didn't fit, went back down the next week (within the 15 days I can return the item). Went up to the cashier to do a simple size exchange. The item was the same, just differrent size. The woman cashier didn't know how to do an exchange because apparently the sweater I wanted to exchange for was more expensive then what I had paid for the week before. So, I'm like, well I'm not going to pay $xx for this sweater when it's exactly the same but different size. The cashier had to get a male manager (i'm guessing he's a manager), he tried to ring up the item and once again he was like i'm not sure why it's coming up as a different price but you'll have to pay the difference. In my head i'm like WTF, are you stupid? i'm like, but it's the same sweater!!!! he's like yeah, it was on sale before, but now it's not. Once again i'm repeating to him, but i just want to exchange size, why would i pay $xx for a bigger size. He still is like "oh, let me see what i can do, I don't know why I can't override this". At this point, i'm standing there for like practically 10 mins waiting for the idiot.
    I seriously repeated like 5 times that it makes no sense for me to pay more for an item when it's just a straight exchange, everything looks the same except for size. In the end after all this hassle, he just did a exchange without receipt. UGh! i'm thinking why didn't you do that before? you wouldn't have wasted my time and your time with trying to change the price!!! UGH!

    sorry, i totally ranted on your thread :sad: