WORST chanel nail polish purchase ever!

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  1. I bought peridot at a Lord and Taylor...
    Did two coats, top coat , let it all dry between each, and within two days, i've had the most horrid chipping! What gives! Anyone else have that problem?
  2. Wow that's unfortunate. Did you do a base coat and what top coat did you use? I wore Peridot as a mani/pedi and got 5 days out of my fingers (not sure if it chipped or if I was just ready to take it off) and more than that on my toes. And I used Seche Vite, which most people say doesn't work well with Chanels.
  3. Sorry to hear that, I actually had the opposite experience with Peridot. Just like Knas, it lasted almost a week on me, and I had very little tipwear too. I did however wear a base coat and also used seche vite too.
  4. Sorry to hear that. I've read before on several blogs that people have a terrible time with Chanel chipping. I think it really comes down to base coat/top coat and application

    In my experience sometimes 2 coats are not needed depending on the polish. I've had Chanel chip in large sheets for me before but it was because I put on 2 thick coats when I only needed one. I overloaded my nail and after the top coat it was just too much. Actually that has happened with other brands for me too.

    Not sure if that will solve your problem but I suggest you try a different base/top coat combo and also stop at one coat if you are happy with the coverage.:smile:
  5. My Peridot mani consisted of:

    CND Stickey base Coat
    Peridot - 2 thin coats
    Seche Vite top coat
  6. Plus 1! I was suprised how good Peridot lasted on me. Usually my nails and metallics don't match. :nogood: I used 2 thin coats, no base- or topcoat.
  7. It lasted on me too. Sometimes your body chemistry just doesn't work as well with certain brands.
  8. Peridot lasted a long time on my nails too. However, I did buff my nails prior to putting on the base coat -- that usually helps remove all oils and keep them from chipping longer. In fact, I just used a cheap Sally Hansen product that was a base and top coat and they lasted 4-5 days before they started chipping.
  9. Peridot also lasted a long time on my nails. Maybe it's because of bc?
  10. My Peridot mani lasted so well for 8 days that eventually I took it off because I couldn't look at such a blingy color for longer. :lol:
    The discussion on how Chanel wears is always so polarized. It wears very well on me, not as well as Essie but I still definitely get five days' worth of chipless wear.
  11. I've actually lasted a good 4 days with peridot on my nails and usually all other nail polishes (OPI, ORLY, CG, Essie) would chip within 2 days.. Hmm..

    I do think that base coat, top coat and how you apply the polish (thick or light) determine if the polish is going to chip easily or not..
  12. Another vote for base coat and make sure you wipe your nail beds with nail polish remover for any oils.
  13. ^^good point

    OP try doing that and applying a base coat (or a different one) and give it another try.
  14. Peridot is the only Chanel I have left. Just gave away Dragon and Paradoxal. I have bad wear with Chanel but I'm heavy handed with my application. I do one coat of Peridot and it's perfect wear for 5 days.
  15. Peridot's lasted pretty nicely on me; no worse than Lippmann, OPI, or any of my other Chanel polishes.

    For reference:
    Essie Protein Base Coat
    2 coats Peridot
    Seche Vite top coat