WORST buyer EVER. Am I getting SCAMMED?

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  1. I am so upset right now... I can't believe it.

    Ok, so I listed an authentic never used Louis Vuitton bag that comes fully with everything you would get at the LV boutique. I even have the receipt too! I listed it as a BUY IT NOW price which is under what I initially got it for, because it just wasn't going for that much online. I also allowed people to submit best offers, and I had ONE lady who is just the HARDEST to deal with.

    Please help me! I don't know if she is trying to scam me! Does this ever happen to you??? Sorry this will be long I am going to copy parts of the conversation and explain through some parts...

    First she sends me her email asking for more pictures.

    I sent her extra pictures of it up close.

    She thinks my LV is fake because the LV logos on the other side of the bag are upside down!

    Me: That's how LV makes some of their bags. Go do a search on the mini HL series... you will see this on all of them. They use one piece because the bag is small and that's the style.

    Her: Yes. You're right. I never noticed that until now.... There is one more thing. I was told that the white color had some quality issues due to the glue showing through and causing it to yellow. Is your bag completely white all over? It's hard to tell from the pictures.

    Me: What glue? I am not aware of LV using glue on their bags. It's completely white all over with their multicolor logo and red on the inside. Who told you about this?

    Her: A sales associate from an LV store. She said that's why the white is no longer available.

    Me: Well, I just checked and there is no visible glue on the bag and I can not see where it could be glued because everything is stitched on. I have never heard this so that person might have misinformed you. I do have LV shoes and that's the only thing I've seen they use glue on. It was to glue the snake skin bow on the shoe. But even so, it was completely concealed and high quality. With LV they don't sell bags that are defected. You can find defected dior, fendi and so and so... but LV will never have a defect unless someone did it themselves to it. Lv has a quality control. I know this for sure because I shop a lot there and ask around.

    Her: I wanted to know if you would repost if the offer you received were all rejected or if you will just accept the highest offer out of the offers received today.

    Me: No I am going to repost.

    Her: what is the color of the interior lining?

    Me: Red... I'm sure I told you this already...no?

    Her: I am just very worried about the authenticity of the product. I buy all my LVs at the store and prefer to pay full price for the real item. I never bought an LV on eBay.

    * I was already getting a little annoyed at this point, and I didn't even know if she would go through with the purchase after she hassled me *

    Me: Well like I said before, you can take it to get authenticated and there won't be a problem because it's real. For a person who buys ALL their LVs at the store, you seem to know very little about LV in general.

    She goes on asking me about my return policy and a lot more about it....

    Me: I am going to only accept returns if you find that this bag is fake. If you are buying with the intentions of returning, then please don't purchase from me as this wastes both our time. I know this bag is the real thing and is exactly what I wrote about it so I don't expect a return. I have the receipt and that's proof enough in itself. If you still have doubts then don't buy it. Thanks

    I don't hear back from her in a while so I assume she just decided not to get it.

    I get a winning offer, and it was someone under a different name and email address. I didn't know, but yes it was her again!

    Her: [FONT=arial,sans-serif]HI, Can you include the Neiman Marcus receipt with the bag?[/FONT]

    Me: I want to keep the original as proof for insurance... I will make a copy and scan it for you if you want... then when you get the bag I can send the receipt separate in the mail too. Let me know so we can work something out. I am shipping out the same day or day after you pay. Thanks!

    * I send her a copy of the receipt via email *

    She then asks for a deducted shipping costs as she said she wasn't wanting to pay this much at all. I just give it to her because I didn't care anymore and wanted to get this over with.

    Her: But there is one thing. Can you do me a favor? I would appreciate it if you can send me photos that clearly show the date code and the hallmark. The hallmark would be the words "Louis Vuitton Paris, made in France". Thanks.

    * I then took extra pictures for her and sent it to her email.*

    She waits a day then pays... I print out the postage for the package on paypal. I get a message from her almost immediately.

    Her: Is it possible to overnight the bag? My husband is buying for me for valentines. Please let me know. Thanks.

    Me: I already paid for the postage, so this is not an option for me to do. I haven't shipped it off yet, but if you are willing to pay the exact overnight fee I will gladly do that. Thanks

    Her: It's fine then. How long do you think it would take?

    Her: Did you already ship the purse? Please hold off on shipping the purse. I am having authenticity issues.

    Me: I already shipped it off. When you commit to purchase the item which you already did by accepting the counter offer, you are under an agreement to go through with the transaction according to eBay's regulations and rules. Whether you have issues or not, it's not my problem. The item I am selling is authentic, and if you felt it wasn't, you should have not gone through with the transaction. Contact eBay if you wish... I am fully covered and protected because I did nothing wrong.

    OMG... I just don't know what to do with her. I hope she doesn't give me any more problems. I am scared she might get it... Mess it up or make it dirty, then make false claims. How do I protect myself against people like this? Thanks in advance...
  2. She sounds like a nightmare!
  3. :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    Oh. my.

    Have you checked the feedback for both of the user names?? This seems awfully tricky to me. Not to mention OBNOXIOUS.

    First thing, I would block both names from ever bidding on your auctions again. Why would you want to deal with THIS again? You have been more than courteous to her insane questioning in circles.

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to give you advice on how to proceed. I hope you never have to deal with someone like this again. *YUCK!*
  4. I agree with the blocking! I was going to tell you to block her before I realized she won it!
  5. She was clever and won it under a different name. (Maybe her husband's since it was a "V-Day gift for her" or so she says:confused1:)

    I smell a rat.
  6. This is not going to help with this situation but next time you get an idiot like this buyer BLOCK HER. I will keep my fingers crossed that you won't have any more trouble with her but she really sounds like a nut case. Save all of your e-mails just in case. Aren't there any normal eBay buyers out there??
  7. OMG! I hope you put a security tag on the bag?
    Good luck and keep us posted!
  8. Oh wow, she is certainly demanding! The white MC did have a bleeding issue...some said it was glue problems, others said that it was lining problems....I do not know because I have never owned any MC. That is probably what she is talking about. You can do a search here because this has been discussed in the LV forum.

    If you have not already done so, clear out your PP account, block her (both usernames) and hope for the best!
  9. I totally feel she's lying here... I just hope she doesn't scam me. I've heard some people send back fake items! If anyone can help... please do! I'm just lost and wonder if there's anything I can do. I got it fully insured, delivery confirmation, and signature with it too.
  10. I have not sold many items on eBay, and I didn't know about the blocking user thing. After this, I'm not going to sell on there anymore. Just too much of a hassle.

    Lv Rawks... I heard that even if you clear out your paypal account... they can still give you a negative balance that you have to pay. =[ I am wishing I never sold on here... too risky
  11. Do a search for security tags if you haven't already shipped the item.
  12. Do you mind posting the auction ID? Or just PM it to me.
  13. What a complete and total nightmare of a buyer. I'm so sorry. I really hope you put a security tag on the bag. But yes, please clear out your paypal account IMMEDIATELY and block this nutcase. Can you post her ebay ID? I would like to block this person myself.
  14. can you stop the shipment through the shipper? I think I've heard of this scam before. How did she pay you? Did you go through paypal and through ebay? (not the OK scam)
  15. CAn you give us her ebay IDs so we can block her?