Worst and Best experience at LV store in just one day...

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  1. What a day! :panic:

    Weather was really nice for the first time this year and I decided to go to the LV store. I wanted to see the new releases and I also wanted to take in my recently purchased Pochette Accessoires, which had white marks all over one side of the canvas.

    So after waiting for quite a while (store was crowded), an SA came to me and I tried to explain to her the issue with my pochette. I have never used it before it has been in its dust bag ever since I purchased it. When I saw the white marks, I tried to wipe them gently off, but still some residue which looked like very thin glue on the canvas, could not be removed.

    She looked at it and said something like she never heard this complaint before, then left with the bag. She came back a few minutes later and basically told me that something must have gotten in touch with the bag, like nail polish... She did not directly tell me that she believes I was the one to damage the bag, but she made it very clear to me that she did not believe my story. I was so annoyed! :mad:
    I told her that I got the bag like this and I will not accept being send away with a damaged bag. Then she called another SA to take a look at the bag. I showed both the photo I took of the white marks and again she said she has never seen this before. Then they decided to send my bag in to be checked and gave me a receipt and told me I can come back next week. And good bye.
    I was so angry and unhappy and left the store without buying anything. :crybaby:

    Then I went to some other stores, bought some other stuff and in the evening decided to go back to the LV store and find the nice SA that sold the Neverfull to me 3 weeks ago.
    Luckily he was available and I told him that I was interested in a wallet with red interior. He showed me all wallets he had available and when I finally decided on one, I took a close look at it to make sure the cavas is ok (after my bad experience with the pochette). I told him about my pochette and he obviously has heard about my complaint earlier.
    He disappeared for a few minutes and then came back with a new pochette accessoires, apologised for all the invonveniences and even let the new pochette gift wrap for me along with my new wallet. He is just the nicest SA and knows what customer service is about. He really saved my day. I will do all my purchases with him from now on. :tup:

    So a bad day turned into a good one in the end. I am happy now.

    And here is my new purchase: The beautiful Adele wallet with coquelicot interior :love:



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    Glad it all worked out in the end. Congrats! Enjoy. SA seems like a sweetheart. Hope the two of you will establish a relationship because great SAs are rare nowadays.
  3. Talk about an outstanding SA and customer service! Congratulations on your new wallet and pochette replacement!
  4. It really pays to have a great SA.
  5. I'm happy it worked out for you! I had to exchange my mini pochette today that I purchased only a few days ago. Under the vachetta tab the stitching was rough (glue maybe?) and it looked like it was splitting on the corner. My very nice SA wasn't in and another helped me. He really wasn't very nice and definitely not apologetic! After discussing with someone else He gave me a replacement. But then he tried to keep all of the tags and only give me the return receipt showing 0 and not my original recept, showing I had paid for it! Left feeling like I don't want to go back for a long while. 😕
  6. When you find that great SA, stick to him/her. Glad it all worked out for you.
  7. I believe there is good people out there that do the right thing. So glad it worked out for you!
  8. glad he resolved your pochette issue----and congrats on your pretty wallet!!
  9. Give the lady a break! You would not believe the amount of BS stories customers come up with... I have heard it all... "I have never used this bag" and then I opened it and found cookie crumbs all over... or it smells like perfume because it has obviously been worn... it's non-stop... Your story is the exception. Keep that in mind!

    Congrats on the new stuff you got by the way!
  10. I am so happy this worked out for you. I am going through this right now with my twinset. There are all these white streaks that are appearing on the flap. I have not been using it and today I took it out to check and there is yet a new white streak, Like you I truly believe it is from glue. Anyways I am nervous about bringing it in because it does look like I got crap all over it but I didnt! The SA is really nice I bought it from and I plan on buying a bag too so I hope they just swap it out for a new one or can somehow figure out and fix what is going on.

    Anyways congrats on the new wallet.
  11. Oh I know they must hear it all, thats why I am nervous about bringing in my bag. I have no idea why I feel so guilty I know I am innocent. I feel the same way when I have police behind me when I am driving, like I am breaking the law somehow and Im going to get pulled over any minute, I swear I feel like a drug smuggler or something when all I have is a bag of potatoes and milk from the store in my trunk.
  12. HAHA I know exactly what you mean! :lol::lol:
  13. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Yes I am glad that there are still great SAs out there. Otherwise my day / week / believe in LV had been ruined.
  14. So sorry this happened to you too. I felt exactly the same yesterday when I left after they took in the pochette. I swore never to come back again ;) . Well it lasted 4 hours as I remembered the nice SA and gave them another shot.

    But glad you got a replacement!
  15. Thank you so much!
    Oh no, those white streaks seem to be something that happened to quite a few of us. I saw other posts with people complaining about the same thing on different new purchased bags.

    I keep my fingers crossed for you that your nice SA will give you a replacement without any hassle.