Worst 2 weeks ever (in a material sense)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So, earlier this week, I wrote about being pickpocketed in Boston. My beloved Marc Jacobs wallet and about $100 in cash were taken, but thankfully not my CCs and ID since they were in my planner.

    Well, I have another awful, and strangely coincidental story. My boyfriend accidentally took my favorite Marc Jacobs jacket (tan-colored, spring/summer jacket) that I've worn very happily for years to the dry-cleaners on Monday. I usually wash the jacket myself since it is cotton, but have had it dry-cleaned a few times. When I got home last night, my boyfriend told me, very kindly, that the dry-cleaners ruined the jacket - that there were red streaks all over it! Adding insult to injury, he said that they told him my jacket ruined their entire load! The jacket has a red-striped interior, but it has never, ever bled. I highly doubt that after all the times that I have washed it, it would still bleed. That jacket cost me about $400 when I purchased it, and I highly doubt they will recompensate me for any of it.

    In any case, I have lost two things by Marc Jacobs, in a span of two weeks. Those two things mean a lot to me because they were the first designer items I purchased after I graduated from college. I am trying to be a better person, and not be shallow about being upset over something like this, but I am really livid. I wonder what I've done to have such bad kharma (I am a nice and caring person, really).

    So, I have been very sad lately. I hope I don't sound too shallow.
  2. Oh my, well I hope this helps if the jacket was in good condition and you have the receipt they have insurance for things like this. As for the load if you have receipts, tags, etc., you may be able to be compensated for some of that too. If they won't settle with you small claims court will and you will win. You don't sound shallow you depended on them to dry clean it.
  3. That really sucks. Do they have one of those disclaimer things posted up? The cleaners here have this sign that says that don't pay over $50 or something, not sure if thats the exact #. I am sure they would pay over though, $50 isn't **** in the world of clothing, especially clothing that needs to be dry cleaned.
  4. That bites, sorry for your bad luck. But don't worry, good things happen to good people, this was just a glitch in the matrix. I talked to the boss, he said it's not gonna happen again. :P
  5. Unfortunately, I've seen that most dry cleaners limit their liability to 10x the cost of the service ($5 to dry clean, they'll pay you $50 if they ruin it). I think I have the rare dry cleaner who just asks what something cost and they just write a check. Its a good thing because my husband has his shirt custom made. Of course, the dry cleaning cost is VERY high so I guess they make out OK. They wouldn't have that policy if they didn't.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I'm waiting until I calm down a bit before I talk to them. I am really not confrontational at all.
  7. Tomorrow is another day. I hope next week will be MUCH better.