Worse than the non payers THE HAGGLERS

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  1. You know em...you send your beautiful TPF authenticated bag off to the haggler...usually you have sold at a huge loss to yourself and the buyer is getting a great deal ..but then the haggler steps in..they think its canal street....it goes this way... i love the BAG and I WANT to keep it BUT........then comes some made up excuse...yea you said in your listing the silver had an antique look but i tried to clean it ...EEKS !!!!! in otherwise the buyer ruins the bag and "because all of my efforts to clean the bag i think you should REFUND ME 20.00" .....etc...
    when you try to deal with the creature that is the haggler and offer a full refund if they return despite having no refund policy how do they react? ! they balk !
    WHY ?! because they know they got a GREAT DEAL 1500 bag for 200
    they dont want a return
    they just wanna play ya
    they think its canal street and they can get you down a few bucks .... slimy sleazes

    oh yea and then they call out the big guns ..if you dont give me money i will leave you NEGATIVE FEEDBACK

    see i think they are worst then the non payers as you can just relist your bag witha non payer and get your fees and forever ban them

    these creeps hold onto your bag for a month wear it and then .....well they always win dont they ! :throwup:
  2. You can report them for this, it's feedback extortion and eBay doesn't allow it.
  3. Don't let that threat of negative feedback from someone like that guide when you know in good conscience that the deal was fair and right. It's not fair to you and it doesn't seem fair to buyers like me who don't do stuff like that.

    When I see an item that I'm interested in, if the seller doesn't have 100% feedback, I NEVER just bypass them. I will ALWAYS read the feedback and review the circumstances as to why their feedback is not 100%; as I'm sure any smart ebay buyer does. Oftentimes it is negative feedback for very lamea$$ reasons. Now I don't know if ebay itself can punish you for negative feedback as I have never sold on ebay, but please don't think that all buyers will stop buying from you because you no longer have 5 stars or 100%. I've bought from sellers with lesser than both of those things and had great transactions.
  4. Well if you have any e-mail that says the buyer has tampered with your item
    & is clearly not happy as a result of what the buyer to me that is grounds not to take it back because you are not getting the item back in the condition in which is was sent out and when a buyer talks about feedback extortion that is just disgusting & should
    be reported & not tolerated...

    But we all know that it is a buyer's world out there & ebay is spineless when it comes
    to backing up sellers like in this circumstance..

    Hagglers & buyers who don't pay . they are both equally bad but at least you get your fees back after they tie you up for a week or so.
  5. Isn't the only option the buyer has is to return the item? I didn't know partial refund was an option unless the seller offers it, not for the buyer to request.

    I've bought items before and contacted the seller and they offered a partial refund, otherwise I had to return the item.

    Anyway, just report them to ebay with proof of the emails. You shouldn't have to give a partial refund.

  6. Buyers have been known to go on a "fishing expedition" for a partial..

    But this buyer tampered with her purchase & it didn't come out the way
    she thought it would

    Don't like the idea that a buyer plays around with something & than wants
    some $$ back if not wants to return it..

    That's just wrong & then compounding by threatening negative feedback????
  7. I so agree with this entire thread! Hagglers/partial refund "fishers" make me want to pull my hair out. I'm dealing with one right now and I guess I'll just have to give in and refund her some of her money because I don't want any negative feedback! As ebay sellers, we're really screwed either way.