Worse experience EVER!!! =(

  1. Ok ladies. I have NEVER in my life been so angry. Well a couple days ago Bloomies had that pre-sale thing going on with the 15% off deal. So I called the nearest Bloomies and got myself the Blake in white chiffon quilted. I also wanted to get the matching clutch so 2 days before the pick up date for the bag I went ahead and visited the store to check out if there was anything else I would be able to get. I asked this male SA if I could see my purse, and he asked me who I ordered it from and directs me to her. I ask her if I can see the purse, she says " NO! we don't have it!" I'm like umm, but I already had it on pre-sale and I've already been charged, and she stares at me for a couple seconds and asked for my name. She says OK let me go see in the back. The whole time there was no smile and her tone of voice was very rude. She comes out with the bag and there are these big glue marks on the bag. I asked her if there are any other ones I can get because of the stains, she firmly says NO we don't have anymore. Then she goes and grabs a tide pen and starts trying to rub it off. I'm totally pissed, I don't like having to pay a large amount of money for a purse to have glue stains on it. Well I had already purchased the same bag from the MJ boutique and had it in the car for a return. So I asked her if I can just switch those bags instead. She's like sure why not and doesn't even care to look at me. Basically in the end, she rubs the bag so much that the color came off. My bf told me that was staring at me up and down. Looking at my hair, face, necklace, the works. I didn't even get ONE smile from her. When I asked her questions, she was hesitating and the male SA would answer instead, he was really nice. I had the feeling he knew she was being rude to me and just butted in. The very next day I go and return the bag to the MJ boutique and get in a car accident! My bf's car is now gone and we have all these pains. To make matters worse, I couldn't even return the purse, I could only get store credit! So I just got the matching clutch there and now have about 800 in store credit. =( These are the worse SA's ever! The ones at the MJ boutique were not very pleased to see me. I had no greeting and was looked upon with this disgusted face. I came in the store and immediately asked for the restroom because I wanted to check out my leg since it was pretty banged up. We had the accident about 1 mile away from the store. =( When I came out they were all looking at me like I shouldn't be in their store. Is it because I'm young, asian, and don't dress too fancy? I was dressed casual and was friendly. Too bad I didn't receive any of this in return. But the worse was the lady at bloomies, she was seriously yelling at me. Sigh! Well at least I got my bag. But the unfortunate thing is that my bf's car is gone. Now we're both going to the doctors and dealing with lawyers. :sad:

    Sorry I just HAD to vent. This has been the worse week ever.

    I'll post pics LATER!! When I feel better though!
  2. You should complain to management at that Bloomies about the rude sales gal. I dont know how it will help but at least complaining to management has always makes me feel better. Its not right that they sold you "defective" product. I dont know what gave her the right to rub a tide pen on it right in front of you no less to try to fix it. You should have demanded a refund from bloomies and not left until they gave it to you.

    Some of these sales gals in the shops are complete *****es- it doesnt matter how you dress, you won't be able to change their minds about you. They just are who they are.

    anyways, the purse sounds FANTASTIC! So just look at the positive- in the end you have a fabulous purse. It sucks you had to go through such an ordeal to get it! :sad:
  3. Ugh, that is awful. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you are ok! And that SA should never have treated you like that, I've never run into one like that before. I don't think it has anything to do with your appearance, at least I hope not anyway! Who was this SA, so we can stay away from her? And which MJ store did you go to, the one in LA? Maybe you happened upon them on a bad day. I have noticed, however, they definitely check out what bag I'm wearing as I walk in(as with any purse store). I wonder if that makes a difference in service, in which case, how shallow!

    Well, the good thing is that you got a hold of a BEAUTIFUL bag! Definitely a favorite of mine, and you are soooo lucky to have one! Congrats! And I hope things work out with your car. Things can only get better, right??
  4. I agree, I would complain to management about the woman at bloomingdales, what a wicked person. I have learnt to ignore the "looking up and down" thing. Whenever I go to Harvey Nichols they look at me like im a thief, but I take no notice. I usually don't dress to fancy anyway. Im a jeans, t-shirt and trainers girl :p I hope things get better for you though.
    And I'm dying to see your purse!!!!!
  5. This was the bloomies at Fashion Island in Newport. Her name was Brenda. I think I'll give them a call to complain about her. Even my bf noticed how she treated me and HE was the one who told me she was looking me up and down. Or I'll come back with the bag on my shoulder and then say something to her. I went to the MJ in LA. I had my LV speedy 30 with me. Isn't that enough for them to want to help me? instead of just looking at me funny.

    Well I guess they do get better, since my bf's car is now wrecked. He's getting a brand new car. Looking at a BMW! Which means a new ride for me as well. But as of right now, it's such a pain to deal with the doctors, lawyers, insurance company and such.
  6. Good to know about Brenda. I've gotten good help at the MJ LA store, which SA did you talk to? Most the of the staff there is nice, although they tend to lounge around in the store instead of actually working. :p

    Well, a new BMW is definitely a good thing! Much better than a purse any day, LOL!
  7. I am so sorry to hear you had such a horrible day. Please do complain about that rude SA, no one should ever be treated like that. Are you feeling ok from the accident?
  8. I am so sorry to hear this. *pat pat* flungflung83 :flowers: hope you are feeling better now. and do show us photos of your lovely bag, ok? We will give you lots of compliments to make you feel better~!! :balloon: :heart: