Worrying about shipping from Saks, opinion?

  1. I just ordered my white caviar flap bag right b4 the end of the day from Florida (and I live in CA). Due to my past bad experiences with missing packages when shopping at NM (twice!), I am so worried that this time Fedex will again leave my package at the door and I suspect one of my neighors in my townhouse complex already notice that I order expensive items from high-end stores that I have packages either stolen, or for inexpensive items, that person dare to open my package, not interested in the item (like our water filter), and put it back in the box with the box all opened up already!!!

    Anyways, i did request the Saks SA to put signature required, but instead of officially requiring Fedex to get a signature confirmation, I think what the SA did was wrote "signature requested" twice and have it highlighted on the mailing label (she kept telling me that she has written down the note and highlight it on the label)!! Ok, it's this going to make signature confirmation mandatory for the Fedex driver??? I might go back to my office for OT this Friday so I worry the fedex guy will come when I am not home....and now I worry another package will be stolen again...
  2. Can u instruct Fedex...to call u on mobile b4 appearing...(says 1 hr b4 their arrival)
    That's what I normally do...
  3. Wow, how do you do that?? I believe Saks won't give me the tracking number so without that number, it's hard to instruct fedex of anything...
  4. Why not? Is is yr stuff, right??
    My sis..does that with her international delivery...all she does is to call Fedex to check for the items meant for her...they (fedex) simply track them down for her....as simple as that.
  5. Mmm....I will try that.....I said that only because I have tried calling fedex on packages without know the tracking number b4 and they basically told me they cannot track without the number, please call your retailer and ask them give you the tracking number 1st b4 you call....
  6. On top of that...simply tell yr SA yr "problem"...I'm sure that yr SA can help u on this....& give u the tracking no.

    Give yr address...to fedex...they will come up with something

    I was just wondering...is yr "bag" insured??? Who is responsible if yr bag is damaged or stolen b4 it reaches u????
  7. fedex DOES NOT need a tracking number. All they need is your address, they can check to see if you are recieving any packages just by your address regardless if you have a tracking number.

    Also, what method of shipment did you choose? Fedex ground? fedex express, 2 day etc? I ask because fedex ground is contracted out to other couriers so it would need to be dispatched to them that you require a IN person signature at the residence. If you opted for anything other then fedex ground..you can call fedex, give them your address, tell them your situation, they can give you the drivers cell number and you call him and tell him you want him to call you before coming. Most of the time if they are aware of a box stealing theif they will contact you before its delivery because they DONT want to be held accountable for a stolen box yaknow?

    Ive ordered a few times from saks out of state {im from CA }and have called fedex, they wont tell me the tracking number, but they WILL tell me the status of a package by pulling up my address..& thats all you need.

  8. Oh gosh, talking about that SA who processed my order today! when I wanted to verify there will be insurance coverage (BTW, there is insurance coverage according to her), she actually said "I have written the label twice that signature required but if you don't even think you will receive the bag then don't even place your order." OK, I understand she must have a long busy day and I called her at the very last minute b4 she's off for the day, BUT, this is the first time I have a Chanel SA talked to me like that. I was actually quite upset with her attitude throughout the whole order process, but I was too concerned about making sure I can meet the "deadline" and order the bag I want and get the bag in my hand eventually that I didn't really say anything when she talked to me like that.

    So honestly, I think that SA is not going to be much help! In my past experience with lost packages, I just went through so many departments, argue with people from various departments, keep asking to talk to people higher up, and eventually get full refund back due to missing packages and there's no signature to prove that I ever received them.
  9. good to know, coz my last Nm lost package was actually Fedex overnight!!

    Well, this time I am also doing overnight! I should get it Friday, and I usually get packages around noon time. I should call fedex early in the morning Friday then.
  10. hikaru,
    call fedex 1800 number and reqiure the signature at delivery. fedex will transfer you to some customer relation department(or something like that) and they can set it up for you. I did this when I ordered something from saks recently. Fedex is very nice and accomodating. The lady taht I talked to even called me on the day of delivery to make sure everything was okay.
  11. thanks for the tips! will try that tomorrow!
  12. I have never had a problem getting an actual tracking number from Saks. If the s/a doesn't provide it, just call the store and the operator should be able to assist. I have had the switchboard operators of various stores track my packages and give me the tracking info, and if they can't help, the shipping department will.

    As for signature upon delivery, some drivers are sticklers about obtaining it and others will take an educated guess on whether or not your neighborhood is safe, at least in my experience. Here's something you can try: leave a note on your door the day the package is expected to be delivered notifying the Fedex driver NOT to leave it at the door. Sign it, date it, and include the tracking number for your own protection.
  13. This might just alert her neighbors to the fact that she's expecting an expensive package. They can remove the note and wait for the FedEx guy.

    I recently ordered two expensive bags from two different Saks stores and on one for sure the SA put signature required. I was given the tracking numbers for both from Saks and I tracked them all the way to my door. Someone is always home. Both trackings showed that the item was delivered but "no signature requested" as the tracking on their website. I of course called the house to confirm that the packages were indeed delivered. Phew!
  14. Yea, I won't risk to put that note only because I know my house has become a target for some jerks in my neighborhood to steal packages left at my door. I would try calling Saks customer service tomorrow for a track number, and call Fedex to request a signature required as suggested above. Or worse I will just have to stay till the bag arrives.....
  15. I'm in Canada, but when I bought a bag from the States, I used FedEx, because of the on-line tracking.

    I was able to see when the bag arrived in this country (that evening), how long it took in customs and when it was put on the delivery truck, the next day. Once it was on the delivery truck, I knew to hang around and not vacuum or do anything that would prevent me from hearing the doorbell.

    I love that on-line tracking!