Worrisome buyers and delaying FB for them

  1. OK -- I sold a pair of shoes ($200) and a bag ($500) this past weekend to separate buyers.

    The shoe buyer wanted the shoes "before she left to go out of town" but I told her I couldn't guarantee a specific delivery date unless she wanted to pay for overnight shipping (package was going from CA to NY). I was mailing them Monday and she wanted them Wednesday. Lo and behold, they made it there on time, then she emails me and says they don't fit her, do I take returns. I politely said no.

    The bag buyer had a hard time understanding that I could not mail her bag until her echeck cleared. She's a newbie and I believe there was also a language barrier (I don't think English is her first language). When she paid, she asked me to mail her bag right away. I politely told her I could not mail it until her echeck cleared. Her echeck finally cleared late yesterday, and she emailed me last night asking if I had mailed it yet. I told her no, the echeck had just cleared, and I would mail it today.

    Here's my question: would you wait to leave feedback in these situations? They both paid right away but I am a little nervous about them turning into potential cranky buyers.
  2. I think a rule of thumb for most people is that you (seller) don't leave a feedback until the buyers leave you a + one...
  3. ^Actually, eBay's "preferred" method is that sellers leave FB first. But I'm just not liking these situations ...
  4. I never leave feedback until I receive it. I really think that it has become the norm on eBay nowadays!
    I would definetly wait, especially with the one who wanted a refund...she might be angry!
  5. As a seller I don't leave fb until I receive one, and never had a problem with this system. If buyer forgets to leave me one, I'd let it pass and not leave for him.
  6. I totally belive in leaving feedback when TRANSACTION IS COMPLETED AND BUYER IS SATISFIED. I don't think is a good idea leaving feedback just because they paid fast because this is just the begining of the buyer-seller "relationship" I wait until they are happy and leave fedback for me and rate my items.
  7. ^^^^I agree...as a seller I never leave feedback until it's left for me and as a buyer I always leave feedback as soon as I receive the item...I don't expect the seller to leave it first.
  8. I'm actually shocked every now and then a seller will leave one for me before I even receive the item! I guess it's the "genuine" way of doing things, as a seller should comment on the buyer and their speed of payment. Where the buyer leaves feedback based on accurate description and ease of business. That, however, is only in a perfect world. We all know it's not.
  9. Whenever I mail an item, I include a note that says I'll leave feedback for them when I know they're happy with their item. That way it gives them a way to let them know that I won't leave it until I'm SURE they're happy with it, not before, just in case there's a problem that needs to be worked out.
  10. Some sellers are nice or sell too many things a day to monitor feedback left for them. Take it this way, a sale is not complete until customer has received goods in the condition he expects and is happy with it. Therefore you should not leave him fb until he is sure he is done with the transaction, have no return issues etc.
  11. I used to leave feedback for buyers right away, but now I wait and let them leave it first...this way I know that they received the item, they are acknowledging in public that they received and are happy, and hopefully there will be no problems after that.
  12. I agree with the majority, I leave it after the buyer leaves it. Even though I know that they will love the item, you never know who you might be dealing with and they might try and be sneaky! Then you are stuck because you already left them a positive! I love to leave feedback for people, though I am always amazed by buyers that don't leave it. I know that they received the item quickly and it is perfect as described, but they just won't leave feedback! I just don't 'get' that:confused1:!
  13. ^Yeah I agree...if you can take the time out to bid, you can take the time to leave feedback.
  14. I wouldn't. You won't be able to tell your side of the story (and neg them worst case scenario) in case something else happens in the transaction after you leave it. Wait until the buyer has acknowledged the end of the sale by leaving you feedback, then you can leave yours. Protect yourself!
  15. wait for a feedback then give reply.