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Reading all the threads about Paddy horror stories has got me worried about the arrival of my Whiskey Paddy next week :sad2:
Has anyone had any BIG problems with it? How long does it take for the lock and key to peal and are there any other common problems with it? Thanks everyone for your advice:smile:
i just have my paddy for 2 weeks so there aren't any problem so far. You don't have to unlock it everytime I never really lock it and just use the zippers and flap the lock to the other side when I need to get into it. I've to admit it is a bit heavy but you get used to it pretty quickly. It weighs about 1.5 kg or 3 1/2 lbs.
Nooooo... you don't have to unlock it every time! The zippers have these sort of leather tabs with a slot in the middle that the lock slips into IF you want to lock it. Hard to describe... this pic shows the bag locked up:


Here's my Whiskey... notice how the lock is not inserted through the tabs (and I never zip my zippers, the weight of the lock keeps the bag closed). Does that help?


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You don't have to unlock the bag every time to get into it :biggrin: I have had mine for almost 3 months. The key on mine started chipping a few weeks after I bought it, and there is some slight chipping on the lock, where it is attached to the gold piece on the bag. It's from moving the lock around when I open it, and my lock tends to end up facing backwards a lot of times, so I have to fix it. I don't think it's very noticeable at all. Other than that, I haven't had problems with it. I love my paddy, it's a great bag.

I wouldn't be too worried! Just take good care of it and it should be fine :biggrin:
my lock on my grenat has the gold coming off but it's all part of the bag IMO on my anthracite the hardware is silver, so there isn't any chipping but it has the antiqued look about it.