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  1. My male Pekignese was throwing up on Friday, Saturday and today he has had diarreah, Other than that he seems o.k ,he is very playful and isn't crying or anything. I'm worried because I had bought my dogs dry Iams dog food but mixed it with kibbles and bits.

    now I have been hearing about Iams and dry dog food not being safe.

    My female dog hasn't had any problems, they were eating the same food.

    What are the symptoms that i need to be watching for?

    The last time they ate the food was friday.
  2. I would definitely take your pup to the vet asap!! Make sure everything is okay.
  3. First of all, don't PANIC. How long have you been mixing the food? It could be that the dog is not use to the mix, it could also be that the kibble and bits aren't agreeing with him. I know that we've heard some concerns about Iams dry but have they been confirmed?? Does Iams dry even use Wheat which is the cause of the problem? Where is Iams dry produced? Usually animals dealing with kidney failure are not going to even want to eat and they are certainly not running around and playing like nothing is wrong. Personally I would not be feeding my doggy kibbles and bits (no offense but there are better options out ther) That aside though I know I was concerned about the fact that I use some Nutro dry which is one of the brands with recalled wet, and when I read the thread claiming animal death from Iams dry I worried, but the issue has been confirmed as being rat poison in wheat purchased from China, I looked at the ingredients in Nutro dry and there isn't even any wheat in there. I know this is very scary for all of us but be have to try to avoid mass panic. Also, as someone in the thread referencing the Iams dry as possibly the cause for their kitties death........Kidney failure in general, unfortunately is very common in animal deaths, espcially cats, I've had very young cats pass away from Kidney failure due to issues they had at birth, my mother in law lost a beautiful Pomeranian to Kidney failure and found out only at the last minute when the simptoms were present that the poor thing only had one deformed kidney at birth (which you would NEVER know without an ultrasound and MRI or something on the sort) her life lasted as long as that one Kidney could maintain, I don't know for certain, but there is a slight possibility that the situation is coincidence with the Iams dry, I'm not saying it is, but we have to keep that in mind. Also remember that an abrupt change in a dogs diet can cause loose stool, upset stomach, and vomitting.....
  4. I would get the dogs checked out with vet.
  5. signs to look for are lethargic behavior, excess drinking and excess urination, vomiting

    I dont trust anything made by any of those companies i mean i wouldnt panic just get him to the vet
    but i personally would not be using even their dry products

    but yes an abrupt change in diet can make them sick, i got panicked after the recall cause my cats were eating contaminated food and i switched back to friskies and they both threw up i ALMOST died thinking that was it they have it and are going to die
    but i got them to the vet and had the kidney tests done and they are fine it was just the switch in food made them throw up

    good luck keep us posted!