Worried package will get shipped back to me...then what do I do?

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  1. I sent a necklace I sold to the buyer with tracking, sig confirmation and insurance, just like it states in the listing. It was shipped on the 23rd and a notice was left on the buyer's door on the 25th. It's now the 29th, and still the buyer hasn't picked it up. USPS says after 15 days, it'll get sent back to me.

    What should I do if it does?
  2. Call her and/or send her an e-mail through ebay telling her to pick it up.
  3. Of course, if the necklace is shipped back to you, you will have to refund your buyer. Maybe the buyer has early buyer's remorse...or, perhaps it's something more serious (family emergency, personal emergency, etc.) In any case, I hope the buyer gets back to you...
  4. I think you're jumping the gun.

    Most working people have trouble getting to the Post Office during the week. If she is working and can't get there on a lunch break, she might have to wait for a day off or a Saturday (if her PO is open on Saturdays). On my old schedule, I could only go on Fridays, so no matter what day of the week I got the notice, Friday was the day I went to the PO. I'm sure that's one reason why the PO allows 15 days, to give people reasonable opportunity to pick up.
  5. I would definitely send the buyer a quick note, but I don't think you have anything to worry about at this point. As Leah stated, many people simply cannot make it to the PO during the week so this may be the case for your buyer.
  6. Okay cool. I sent her a message already letting her know it's at the post office according to tracking and to let me know when she receives it. I'll just wait and see. Thanks.
  7. I wouldn't worry yet. I often have packages waiting at the Post Ofc, sometimes for close to that 15 day limit. (They know me and will sometimes hold them longer - thank goodness!) I travel a lot on business and in any event do not work anywhere near the Post Ofc closest to my house, which is where my packages are held. At best I can't get to the Post Office except on a Saturday. She still has plenty of time to pick the package up, don't worry!