Worried for nothing?

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  1. OK so. I went to the doctor today for my 37 week check up. Everything went normal, nurse weighed me, took my blood pressure ect. Then the doctor came in, we talked a little bit, and she had me lay down to measure me. She said that I'm only measuring 33cm, and for 37 weeks that it's a little small. She said that it's possible that my baby could have just dropped, and he's partially below my pelvic bone, but she wants to do an ultrasound to make sure. I have one scheduled for Wednesday.
    I told her about some really bad lower back, and leg pain I had a few days ago, and she said that that might be a sign that the baby is dropped, and that my pelvic bones are separating, preparing for birth.
    This has me so worried, I mean, I don't know what could be wrong. Did I not eat enough, gain enough weight (I've gained 25lbs)? I'm going to be so worried until Wednesday. I just want my baby to be OK. :crybaby:
  2. Try not to worry. Hopefully your ultrasound will put your mind at ease. I'm 34 weeks and have been measuring small for weeks, so I had the same worries. When I was 29 weeks, I measured 27. Still measured 27ish at 31 weeks. I still am measuring only about 28 cm (again, 34 weeks now.)

    I went through the same worry after my 31 week checkup because the height was 4cm or so smaller. I was going to move my ultrasound up a couple of days but decided to wait till it was scheduled. When I had it, they said baby was growing totally fine - 36th percentile for weight, which they figured will put him at 6.5-7 lbs at due date. He just dropped really, really early and is now way down there. It can also be the position your baby is in - if s/he is way off to the side, or has his/her head tucked that can affect it.

    My doctor explained that the fundal height is only one factor that they look at -- your weight gain sounds fine, and if your baby is active, there's a good chance everything is fine. For me, I can tell my stomach is getting bigger, it's just going out instead of up, so that helps set my mind at ease. Hang in there till next week, and feel free to PM me if that would help.
  3. Don't worry. I measured small for my last pregnancy as well and I gained 25 lbs total. My doctor was not worried and said that it really means nothing as it has a lot to do with the position of the baby at the time of measuring. My daughter was 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches in length so she was a great size. Do not worry and PM me if you want.
  4. I agree that you shouldn't worry... the baby has probably dropped and is getting ready for the big day!!!
  5. Thanks for all of your encouragement you guys!! Everyone has been saying the same thing to me, so I think my baby is fine, and he's just hiding from the world! I'll find out on Wed. how big, and how much he weights, so I'm excited!!
  6. I had the same problem and had an ultrasound the very same day. The baby was perfectly fine and even slightly larger than the 31 weeks that I was pregnant! Try not to worry about this. My doctor said that this form of measurement is very basic and that after 33 or 34 weeks it becomes very unreliable. Keep us posted!
  7. I'm so glad we could help and you're feeling better. You're so close to getting to meet your baby now, just focus on that and don't worry about the measurements. Hope your next appointment goes well!!
  8. I don't know if this will help, but I had a preemie with my 2nd and she was 32 wks 3lbs when she came out. We live in such an amazing age where technology and modern medicine can really help in all ways possible. Make sure you feel comfortable about your doctor and the hospital.
  9. I measured small all the way through both of my pgs! It most likely is nothing, but it's always good to check things out.
  10. Thanks for your reassurment ladies! I had an ultrasound, and they said that my baby is rather on the large side! He is already 7lbs and growing. I went yesterday, and my doctor said that i'm 34 1/2 cm, and 1 1/2 cm dilated, so it's only a matter of time! I can't wait! You all are so encouraging, thanks so much!

  11. Hooray! I'm glad everything is OK. Sounds like baby is just in a position off to one side where it's not necessarily raising your fundus up that much, but will be a good size when s/he comes out.

    I've got an appointment today myself, so will be interested to hear if my fundal height has gone up at all. I feel like baby is definitely growing a lot, hopefully doc will confirm. Growth US is not till next week, which will confirm more.
  12. Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Is baby here yet? Could be any day now!!