Worried and concerned...to the dogs lovers.

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  1. Let me start by saying that the girls are going to the vet in the morning. I really just wondered if this happened to any of you, or you had any helpful knowledge.

    We went out to lunch today and when I came home I saw a very yucky poo left on the porch. 2 different places. It was runny, and looked bile around it with red (which looked like a very thin blood) to me. So I cleaned it up and made DR. appts right away. I do not know which dog it came from. Later today we all took an afternoon nap and when I walked in the living room there was a pile of vomit with again a bile color, more runny blood red fluid and little green leaves. They are both acting fine, eating fine and running around playing like normal. Any ideas what this might be? I have not given them any treats. I just do not know what it could be? Any thoughts would be helpful. Again they are off to the vet tomorrow so Im not just letting it slide...Im scared!
  2. Someone has an upset tummy, any other symptoms? Did anyone get into Halloween candy or anything?
  3. ^^ That's what I was thinking too... could that be what happened, Sunshine? I'm really glad you're taking them to the vet regardless. It sounds like someone ate something foreign to me.
  4. No...our friends all came over to trick or treat in our neighborhood and one of the little boys in the group left his trick or treat bag on the ground in the driveway (my dogs were inside) and a neighborhood dog lifted his leg and peed in his bag! LOL so we gave him all of our candy! There was nothing laying around. Maybe they ate something outside? (not candy, maybe a plant?) What is the red??? That scares me the most.
  5. Well, it could be a number of things, and I know this does not sound fun but if you can capture a sample (if it happens again) that would be a good idea so the vet can see what is coming out.
  6. I knew that would be a suggestion. I never gag, or get grossed out but cleaning up that mess today really made me ill. (did not help that we had Mexican for lunch) Hopefully nothing wil happen tonight...if it does I will make sure to get a sample. Thanks Irish.
  7. This happened with both of my dogs(different times), its reallly absolutely morbid smelling:throwup:. It made me so sick to my stomach, and I dont get grossed out easily at ALL. Anyway (lol) I called my vet and she told me only if they started to act out of the ordinary, or it lasted for more then 3 days should I take them in. So, it ended up only lasting 2 days(for Princess) and only 3 "accidents" in one day for Mariah, so I didnt take them in. That was about 6 months ago for Princess and over a year ago for Mariah. They are both alive and kickin' and have no health problems(went to the vet today! lol). Im happy you made an appointment just to be safe, but Im pretty sure everything will be just fine, aside from your stomach and gag reflexes. I swear I smelled that crap(literally) for a week after the fiasco was over! YUCK!
    Anyway, please keep us updated!
  8. Thank you Queen!! They are both playing with toys together right now and acting like normal. (crazy) thank you for posting. It always helps to hear when you all can relate! (you are right...it really was the most nasty thing ever) however, anything for my babies!! I will let you all know what happens. Hopefully it was just a bug!
  9. I think it's the bile that smells really bad. And no, cleaning it up is not fun:nogood:

    But it's great to take them to see the vet anyway, just to get everything checked out. I hope your little ones are declared 100% healthy:tup:
  10. Is their petfood a brand that has red bits in it?? Sometimes this dye will cause vomit, or even poop to look super unhealthy...
  11. The same thing has happened to my dog and she turned out to be fine. I can sympathize with how gross it smelled. I also don't get easily grossed out, but there was something about that smell that was too much.
  12. Well Sunshine, what is the verdict??
  13. I've been wondering too :yes: Update us when you get a chance Sunshine!
  14. They are both fine! The vet seemed to think it was from the dog treats we were giving them that were red (they look like litte steaks) she could not find anything wrong with them! :tup:
  15. Phew! That is great news, thanks for the update! Give you baby a hug from us ;)