Worried about spots on Spy

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  1. Just bought a spy but the amount of threads on here about spots on the leather is concerning me - is it normal then?
  2. The Honey color seems to have the delicate problem of forming spots from anything oily touching it. I have not heard of any of the other colors having problems. The darker colors would be fine, I think. The Honey Spy is such a "naked" leather color that I would avoid purchasing this particular color (although it is gorgeous). I am now afraid to use mine. :sad:
  3. I don't think it's normal. It only happens if you don't use it with care. I'll put a mapkin over my spy if I'm eating with it nearby, and I sling my jacket over it if I'm driving and the sun if hitting on it. I have a dark brown one and I don't have any problems. I don't expect any except for the natural colorations.
  4. I was all ready to buy a spy as well but then I keep on reading these post about discoloration especially with the cognac color which I really like a lot. I wonder if I should stick with a brown instead for that very reason.
  5. well I have bought the brown (its the 2007 colour so it is really really dark brown - almost black in some lights) reading the threads on here has given me a little more hope that I should be fine - thanks guys!

    liked the hints and tips about putting coat over them etc when driving - I am getting funny looks at work because I wont even put it on the carpet at work - have it on my desk with napkins beneath it!
  6. I put the appleguard on my light spots on the Cognac Spy and they went away
  7. Do you know if Appleguard is available to the UK?