Worried about SIDS- my son always rolls to sleep face down. (long)

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  1. Ok- my baby is officially driving me nuts. I've been unable to sleep regularly for the past month because he learned how to turn over, and he does it at night in his sleep so that he is lying on his belly.

    That normally wouldn't alarm me as much because I know that once babies learn to roll, they can move their heads to breathe, but he likes to sleep face down! So only one nostril is showing... he's breathing, but it would only take a slight tilt of his head and his entire face would end up in the mattress.

    For that reason, I can't leave him alone in his crib yet. He used to sleep in a bassinet next to the queen bed we have in our nursery, but when I realized what he was doing, I had to put him right next to me in bed so that I could check on him to make sure he doesn't turn fully into the mattress and suffocate.

    I sleep in this hyper alert sleep state where his every little move or sigh wakes me up- and I'm going nuts. I'm constantly checking on his one little nostril... even when I re-tilt his head it goes right back to the same position.

    I know co-sleeping can be dangerous, and have removed everything except a light blanket for me and a pillow for my head... but this can't continue on forever. How the heck do I get my VERY obstinate little boy to stop rolling to his belly in his sleep?

    If I hold his hips to prevent him from rolling he cries and wakes up. I tried to be persistent one night, and neither one of us got a wink of sleep. Eventually I had to put him into the car seat so he could sleep without rolling.

    Every so often he'll let me position him in the crook of my arm face up (that's the only time when I can get a good night's rest) but then I can't move at all since I have my little baby in my arm.

    What do you recommend that I do?

    Can I risk just letting him sleep the way he wants to in the crib alone?

    Has anyone had to deal with this before?
  2. how old is he?
  3. How old is he? Once they know how to roll over & use it for sleep you cant really stop them.
    My daughter started sleeping belly down pretty early. I was paranoid about it for a long time. As long as the mattress/bedding is firm & you dont have any blankets, pillows, no crib bumper or (Use a breathable bumper if at all) etc.. in the crib he'll be fine. If you are really worried about it you can use the Angelcare Movement Sensor Monitor.
  4. my son is about 5 month and he does the same thing and i was really worried too. i talked to the peds and he said there is nothing i should do from stopping him to roll. once he has the ability to roll, the incidence of sids decrease dramatically according to the peds. i understand your concern coz it drove me nuts for a while too.
  5. My daughter is mostly a tummy sleeper. As soon as she could roll over there was no keeping her on her back. I got really paranoid and talked to the pediatrician. She basically told me there was nothing I could do to stop her from rolling over. Once she reached the rolling over stage she should be fine sleeping on her tummy.
  6. He's about 5 months adjusted. I don't mind him sleeping on his tummy... but his face is literally smooshed into the mattress.

    He doesn't sleep face down with his head tilted like most babies do... I'd be happy if he was doing that. But his face and nose is pressing down into the mattress and only one nostril is clear.

    The slightest movement will block his entire nose and he doesn't self correct it, so he stands the risk of suffocating unless I tilt his head again.

    I don't know if I'm describing it correctly... I'll try to take a photo to show you all what he's doing... ugh. I can't find my USB cord for the digital camera so it might take a while.
  7. I'm not a parent, but I would think he would be better off in his crib...aren't crib mattresses really firm and therefore firmer (and safer than) than the mattress of the bed you're sleeping with him in?:confused1:

    I could be totally wrong here, since I've never had a baby, but I could have sworn that I read that crib mattresses were firmer and better...
  8. You don't need to worry once they can roll over. I was extremely paranoid with my son and would spend the entire night rolling him back over. I was literally driving myself insane as I did not get any sleep for at least a month. My pediatrician said that once they can roll on their tummies, they are fine and not to worry. SIDS is most dangerous between 2 and 4 months so it is essential to sleep them on their backs during this period. I read countless articles and read all of the SIDS awareness websites and they all said the same thing. Once they can roll onto their bellies themselves, they are fine and to let them sleep however they want. Now, I have a baby daughter and she started flipping onto her belly at about 5 months. She also likes to sleep as your son does, face down, completely into the matress. She even rests her face onto her hands that she places in front of her face. There is nothing I can do to stop her. I have tried to tilt her head a bit or move her hands out from under her face, but she just wakes up and moves right back into this position. They want to sleep in the position that they are comfortable in and you can't really do anything once they start rolling. I would be more concerned about co-sleeping if I were you. The safest place for your son to sleep is in his crib. Can you put his crib next to your bed so that he is near you yet in his own space? That way, you can ease your worry a bit by having him nearby yet he is in his crib so he is much safer in sleeping. Good luck...I know this is very stressful for you...I have been through it.
  9. Yes, you are right. This is what is recommended by all of the SIDS awareness groups.
  10. My youngest is 15 weeks and has been flipping over for about 4 weeks now (which is about what her older sister did too). With my oldest, I drove myself nuts like biggestbag lover running in and constantly flipping her back over! The pediatrician told me not to worry - if they're flipping over on they're own, they're fine.
  11. 5 months? He should be fine!
    SIDS occur mostly between 2-4 months and more so w/ children of smokers, also if you overbundle a baby. This is why babies that seleep w/ their parents actually have a slightly higher risk. Make sure he's not overdressed and since he's the one getting in that position, he should be fine!
  12. The only reason we were cosleeping is because I was keeping his nose clear. In the crib by himself he was covering his nose up, which worried me.
  13. Don't worry...I know it is easier said than done as I am the QUEEN of PARANOID MOMS. As I wrote in another thread, I didn't give my son a blanket until he was 2 1/2 and I gave him a pillow only 2 days ago and he will be 3 next month!!!! I know...I am insane!!! But, I am so cautious and scared for my kids. Anyways, I am much less paranoid with my second and I know that she if she is able to roll over, she is fine. Don't worry and let your little guy sleep however he wants. You will both get a lot more rest this way. All the best to you!!!
  14. I agree that if he is 5 months old and flipping over by himself he is fine, even if it appears that he doesn't have adequate air. He does, or he would move. I've known adults who slept with a pillow OVER their heads, which kind of made me nervous, too, but a baby that age, just like an older child or adult, will wake up if he isn't getting adequate oxygen. He will stir, adjust his position and fall back to sleep.