Worried about return to elux. SORRY, LONG.

  1. So I sent back the used Speedy azur 25 along with 2 other items. I sent the items together in the same box and had 2 different return numbers. They sent me an email friday notifying me that one item return has been process with no mention of the speedy 25 and other item. I was worried so i JUST called them and the lady said "hopefully, it will go well and they will not reject the item since it was used. i'll put a note here saying you called and are concerned" :sad: :shrugs: I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried. She said "you probably didn't use it" :wtf: It's not "probably".... I DIDNT. I told her I didnt return sooner because I had called several times trying to exchange for a new azur 25 and was notified they would call me when they got it in... but no one ever called so I just went to the botique after weeks of waiting. The lady on the phone said "Oh, we probably havent gotten any in." I KNOW they did because ladies on here on the forum posted their new speedies. I called them the DAY I recieved it. I posted here on tPF the DAY I got it saying it was used and even posted pictures. Someone please tell me they won't reject the item? What if they say I have no proof I didn't use it? Would I be silly to say "well, i posted ont he purse forum the day I recieved the used bag you sent me and there are pictures!" :sweatdrop: The lady on the phone sounded like she knew something was up but wasnt telling me. She just kept saying "I hope it goes well and they don't refuse it" Maybe I'm paranoid.
  2. No telling but I hope you'll keep us updated.
  3. Don't worry. They do the returns one at a time. They have no way to track shipments between the Customer Service Assistant and the warehouse. They use the FEDEX tracking numbers only. I have had them take up to 8 days to make credits, after they had been delivered. Also, I returned a Speedy 30 that looked to me like it had been used. The leaf looked a little ragged and worn. The only thing I did with it is put my stuff in, decide that it was too big and then put it back in the box. When I called for my return , I mentioned the "used thing" to the CSA. She apologized and said that she would note that on my account. I have never had a problem with Eluxury. Just be patient. I know it's hard. Oh, and they won't refuse it. ( does that make you feel better? :heart: ) Just wait and see, don't stress yourself out. You are in the right, here. You did nothing wrong. :supacool: Let us know what the outcome is.
  4. When I ordered my mono agenda from elux they processed my order twice & charged me twice on my debit card! When I sent one of them right away back to them it took them 4-5 weeks to process the return and refund my money. I called them every 4 days or so! That was maddening....so sounds like your return will be long too.:shrugs: Hang in there and don't be afraid to bug them all the time like I did!
  5. Usually, Eluxury is very accomidating, in my experiences anyway. Don't worry, as long as you know your telling the truth, you will get your exchange.
  6. Wow! I can't believe all these stories about Elux! I guess I have been lucky then cause I've made a few different returns to them and so far, it's never taken longer than about 4 days for my account to be credited.

    I wonder if maybe cc companies are different though, and some take longer to POST the credit, kwim?
  7. I totally would feel the same way you do right now. **HUGS** Don't worry though, it will all work out in the end, it always does and you will be completely happy! Don't let the woman you spoke with worry you. I would call again tomorrow and speak with someone else and get some more positive reassurance from them. You did all the right things here..just try to stay calm and tell them in detail everything that happened. Also, since you called them right when you got the bag and waited around for a new one to come in stock, they should have record of that phone call, incase they give you problems about it.

    I know its hard but stay patient and it will all work out in the end. :smile:

    Keep us posted!!

    PS. I have very limited experience with Elux, but when I ordered lotion from them as a present to be sent to by big in kappa psi, I got charged for shipping, even though I thought I put in the free shipping code. I called the next day and they took it off my CC no prob and were really nice. I know they can be very accomodating, and I heard other wonderful stories about Elux from other forum members. Just stay positive..it will work out!
  8. UPDATE: I called htem several times and as of yesterday, the return had been processsed! What a relief!!

    Thank you so much for the comforting comments. They really helped me feel better during the waiting period. =P
  9. that's a relief! good to hear everything worked out.
  10. ^^ Phew! Glad it all worked out.:yes:
  11. Glad it worked out for you!
  12. glad it worked out!
  13. Glad everything went on fine. I made my two purchases at elux using American Express, just so that if anything went wrong - needing a return / package lost or something like that I would have some backup from my CC company.