Worried about my kitty!

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  1. Our youngest cat Nacho is sick, he's been vomiting since lastnight and I have no clue why. My DH is on the way to the vet with him, while I'm here at work worrying my little head off! :crybaby:

  2. try not to worry. could be hairballs, overeating, allergies, worms, etc which are all treatable. feline distemper is the only thing that would be worrisome. is your cat vaccinated? here is a list of other probable causes I pulled up from my endless archives:

    Dietary problems include:
    sudden change in diet
    ingestion of foreign material (garbage, plants, etc)
    eating too rapidly
    intolerance or allergy to specific foods
    Problems with drugs include:
    specific reactions to certain drugs
    accidental overdosages
    Ingestion of toxins:
    Lead, ethylene glycol, cleaning agents, herbicides, fertilizers, heavy metals all specifically result in vomiting.
    Metabolic disorders:
    diabetes mellitus
    too little or too much of certain hormones, trace elements, etc.
    renal disease
    hepatic disease
    heat stroke
    Disorders of the stomach:
    obstruction (foreign body, disease or trauma)
    assorted gastric disorders
    ulcers, polyps
    Disorders of the small intestine:
    intraluminal obstruction
    inflammatory bowel disease
    fungal disease
    intestinal volvulus
    paralytic ileus
    Disorders of the large intestine:
    irritable bowel syndrome
    Abdominal disorders:
    gastrinoma of the pancreas
    peritonitus (any cause including FIP)
    inflammatory liver disease
    bile duct obstruction
    pyometra (infection of the uterus)
    urinary obstruction
    diaphragmatic hernia
    Nerologic disorders:
    pain, fear, excitement, stress
    motion sickness
    inflammatory lesions
    hiatal hernia

    so its a good thing he's going to the vet. they'll get to the bottom of it.
  3. Yikes, that's quite the list!

    The worst part is not being at the vet with him, he's my baby! :sad:

  4. chances are its nothing serious. I just realized I probably freaked you out which was not my intention. I'm used to dealing with animal medical problems everyday so I'm sorry if I came off in a cold manner. You would be surprised what animals can survive, they are so resilient. I've helped nurse animals back to health that were at deaths door so I guess thats why I'm always optimistic. Please let us know what the vet says - they can do incredible things these days.
  5. Have you heard anything yet? I'm optomistic. The vets can do so many wonderful things these days. Please let us know.
  6. My Nacho cat appears to have ate something he shouldn't have.... they x-rayed him and there is something in his tummy. No clue what, I'm racking my brain and can't think of anything he'd have eaten!

    They are gonna keep him overnight for observation.... holy cow, this is gonna cost us anywhere from $800 to over $1500. Wow.
  7. I'm hoping your kitty recovers completely from this.
  8. Here's hoping it comes out the other end "naturally." Glad he's getting care.
  9. Hope things go well for you and little Nacho.

    Do you have pet insurance? I have it for my baby and I love it. I use VPI. It's great for times like this.
  10. My cat Willie once was sick because our cleaning ladies use 10,000 flushes toilet bowl cleaner and he accidentally ingested some. He drink sout of the toilet and someone forgot to close the toilet lid. He was under the weather for a few days and he got back to normal. (And we stopped using that particular cleaner.)

    Prayers to your kitty! Keep us updated!
  11. Anything on the floor, especially thread, can be the culprit. My cat loves the tassels on our couch cushions, and doesn't learn even after throwing up. We finally figured it out and changed cushions and she's all good. Hope it's something non-serious and your cat gets better soon!
  12. We don't, but i'm seriously considering it now! 4 years of no problems with our cats, we get him and BAM, we've forked over almost $500 in vet bills not counting this one. He's a bundle of fluffy expensive cuteness! LOL
  13. sorry he is in the vet's. let us know what happens. i am sure he will be okay. *hugs*
  14. aww I would be so scared too, Jen!

    I bet ur kitty will be fine, though :smile:

    Keep us posted!
  15. Well unfortunately my kitty isn't fine, I'm crying my eyes out.

    He seems to have ingested something that is just sitting in his stomach. He spent the night at the vet to see if it would move through his stomach at all and it didn't. The only option left now is surgery, which we can't afford. Lastnight alone cost $600, surgery is well over $1500. We brought him home with instructions to monitor him, but eventually we'll have to make a decision as to what to do, especially if he is going to continue vomiting.

    I'm so sad right now.