Worried about my Cerises Speedy being Wrongly Directed!!!

  1. I sent a bank wire to Let-Trade on Fri., May 26 for my Cerises Speedy. Labor Day was the next Mon. & apparently Hong Kong had a holiday the next week as well. Anyway, they finally got the wire. I've been tracking the bag, and it left HK on June 8, arrived US on June 10, in transit on June 11. Now when I track it the message states: Wrongly directed. Help! Should I be worried???
  2. It may have just put it on the wrong plane by accident. Don't stress Kathy. I hope it gets to you soon.
  3. OK. Thanks. I was feeling really good about it until last night when it said wrongly directed. When do you pay for customs? Does it come directly to my home? Sorry for the questions, but I've never ordered anything overseas before.
  4. Try emailing HKPost (on their site) and asking them to double check the address it was sent to. I know in Canada it arrives to my home via Purolator Courier (they take over all EMS mail after in enters Canada) and you get a bill within a month from Purolator for your custom fees because they pay it on your behalf. Again, that's how it is in Canada.
  5. OK. Thanks Irene. They have my correct zip code on Hong Kong Post though.
  6. Then just ask them what "Wrongly Directed" means. Good luck. Keep us posted!!!
  7. Just emailed them to find out.
  8. Why do you have to pay customs on a pre-owned bag?
  9. Because good ol' Canadian customs will collect duty on ANYTHING they can!!!:rant:
  10. I don't think they charge us customs in the USA. I've gotten shipments from HK and Japan before via EMS and I didn't get any charges.
  11. Fringe bag just got here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  12. OMG!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. I've gotten bags from Let-Trade and never had to pay customs. Hopefully your speedy arrives soon safe and sound.
  14. Did you send an email to let-trade? Why did let-trade wait one week before posting your Speedy ?
  15. He said that it took some time before they got my bank wire because of holidays. Then they closed their warehouse down for a while & weren't shipping anything out till June 8.