worried about ebay and bonanzle help...


May 18, 2009
I don't really want to try and sell on ebay and have done a lot of research on bonanzle and almost tried it but felt like I wouldn't have any luck there. Out of all the places to sell, it seems like people are having more problems than solutions with ebay, and after having spent a lot of time in this ebay forum, I've read about far too many dangers and things that could go wrong to even try. Knowing my luck, I would get scammed by the buyer, but I don't have a good feeling about trying my luck on ebay either, seeing as I read all of the ways to protect yourself there.
What are some other good sites for selling other than ebay, bonanzle and yoogiscloset where you or someone else you know has had luck?

Jun 25, 2008
Hi. There are lots of threads about this topic here. I would definitely do a search in this subforum to check out what others have posted.

Bottom line: there are no guarantees anywhere; what works for one person might not work for another; you can get scammed anywhere, so you have to be cautious and smart; eCrater is full of fakes; Bonanzle is nice but unless you have a highly coveted item, it could sit there for months; eBay is eBay...; familiarize yourself with the website you choose (rules, instructions) before you start listing. Good luck!



May 18, 2009
thanks very much, I apologize if this is already in the forum somewhere, but though I looked through pages and pages I couldn't really find an answer to my similar question.
Yea, I think that's what I noticed about Bonanzle too, is that it didn't seem like there was a whole lot of buying and selling going on there, I felt like it would just sit there too.

I know what you mean about the bad posts, people always need help with problem buyers or sellers and never really make a point to talk about how great the experience is. I think I've just decided to try ebay, but read a lot of tips on here and be careful and just try my luck, thanks !


Mar 22, 2006
Yup, you'll only really hear the bad stuff on here ! i've been using Ebay for 6 years or so now and never had any major problems, it's their fees mainly that irk me ! i won't sell a high ticket item there these days, i go to Bonanzle for that.


Mar 23, 2006
As a buyer, I would always hesitate to buy from Bonanzle, as off-eBay items aren't fully covered by Paypal protection.

I would need to know the seller very well and even then I'd be nervous... :s

Therefore, as a seller, I might try Bonanzle, but I wouldn't expect anything to sell quickly. :nogood: