Worried about delivery.....

  1. :shocked:

    Does the usps tracking system screw up sometimes?
    According to the tracking number on my Chloe bag, it says that delivery was attempted at 7:30 this morning.
    I was sitting at my dining room table drinking coffee, no one attempted anything except a caffiene fix.
    There was also no card left behind.

    I called the local post office where my items are usually dropped off when I'm not home, and they don't have anything.

    I'm freaking out.

    I've contacted the seller and asked her to double check the address she sent it to.

    Is there anything else I can do?

    Someone tell me the usps online tracking system is faulty...
  2. Sometimes when I arrange a time in 2 days's time with DHL,they'll register a "delivery attempt" at 7h30 on the days when they're not coming.

    Probably,your parcel will arrive tomorrow.Good luck!

    Good luck!!
  3. oh, that made me feel better!!! Thank you so much, you have NO idea! I'm still crossing my fingers that she didn't screw up the address.
  4. I have found the tracking system to be a bit off at times too. Don't worry hunnie. It'll come to you soon!!!
  5. The tracking system is only as good as the employees using it. Lots of times, the delivery confirmation info is useless because the USPS employees are too lazy to scan it. And yes! I have had the USPS "attempt" delivery when I was home. They either didn't bother to ring the doorbell (who can hear a knock over screaming kids!? not me!) OR they just blew it off all together & leave for the next day's employee. Don't panic just yet. If you do have the tracking #, you can call the 1-800 # to the USPS & rearrange delivery or inquire more about the package & it's whereabouts. Don't panic just yet!;)

  6. Tracking system is definitely messed up at times, especially going in and out of NY......I could tell you horror stories, but it all worked out!
    Don't worry....I found out that the postal worker will scan it when they
    load it in their truck! That's probably what the early morning scan was!
    I had the same thing happen and it showed up late that afternoon.
  7. Thanks girls!!
    I was just in the backyard and it occured to me that I'd have more to worry about if it had said, "Delivered"
    So I'm not going to worry...I'll just muster up a does of good old patience.

    Thanks again.
  8. ***hugs*** i'll wait with you!!!
  9. my bf actually got a status that it was on truck for delivery, then he saw truck leave, no package. he followed truck to next location, and asked driver who gave him package from his truck why he didnt deliver it. driver said, uh, it is not due to be delivered until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!so our packages drive around on these trucks for days??:sad:
  10. 7:30am is awfully early for them to attempt a delivery. It could be the time it cleared customs and arrived into the country but I would bet it was just swiped in advance. I've seen packages show delivered when it arrived into the destination city as if the local station is considered the destination. I wouldn't worry yet. UPS's tracking can be pretty wonky at times.
  11. Don't worry! The employees are usually lazy to scan the the packages!
  12. It cleared customs yesterday morning, it's probably just a case of...it's day 5 of our 5 day delivery system and it isn't getting there...
  13. Don't worry just yet:smile: I've had a few parcels from the US (I'm in Aus) tracked to "attempted delivery" yet no parcel was left for me. The first time this happened I went to my local Post Office thinking they forgot to leave me a notice slip. But nope, nothing there for me. Rest assured it showed up the next day. This has happened all those other times too. I now don't bother to check at the PO when I see "attempted del", I just wait the next day.

    Let us know how it goes. {HUGS} coz I know that it's still an anxious wait, not knowing for sure.
  14. Oh dear... gd luck with you delivery.
  15. Winona please don't worry!! Delays like that happen to me all the time!
    I'm sure it'll be there tomorrow!!
    Good luck and let us know what happened!