Worried about chemicals in foundation

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  1. So yesterday morning, I was getting ready to go shopping with DH and as I am getting ready, I happened to look more closely at my foundation. I had been using an oil-free Lorac formula and as I looked more closely at the bottle I saw that it had anti-aging written on it. I went to Sephora to talk to someone about it and we found out that it had retinols in it. I am just worried now that the retinol could have done damage to my baby. I didn't use it everyday, probably 4-5 times a week. I am hoping that the amount of retinol that was in the foundation was such a small amount that it won't do any harm.
    I just feel like I have been SO careful these last 16 weeks, I am just upset that I let this slip by. I ended up getting Bare Essentials to use instead and switched to Caudalie skincare as it has all natural ingredients.

    Just wanted everyone to check the labels and try not to make the same mistake I did.
  2. I'm not sure why you're concerned if you're not ingesting it...? A topical application of creams or products containing retinol or other chemicals would not affect anything inside your uterus...it's great that you're trying to do the best thing for your baby but this is nothing to get worried about:heart:! You can keep using your foundation with no problems!
  3. There are countless online articles on medical and pregnancy websites that warn pregnant women about the dangers of cosmetics and skincare because the skin is an organ and can absorb some chemicals which then goes into the bloodstream. Kidneys and liver are already working harder than normal filtering toxins during pregnancy we don't want to overload them do we?

    I've switched to mineral powder foundation and Olay skincare. Mineral makeup just sits atop skin and doesn't get absorbed. Olay is proven to be safe for pregnant women (on their website) I don't know of any other brands that dare put up such claims.
  4. Honestly- I have never heard this from my doctors or otherwise. A quick search on Google turned up this on AllExperts with regards to retinol creams, at any rate:
    Expert: Lawrence Jay Rappaport M.D.
    Retinol (retinoic acid, Vitamin A acid) is a retinoid and vitamin A metabolite used topically for the treatment of acne vulgaris and other skin disorders. Like other retinoids, it is a potent teratogen following exposure in early pregnancy producing a variety of birth defects. When used topically, however, the risk is thought to be close to Zero.

    I found tons of stuff supporting that so no reason for the OP to be concerned :yes:
  5. Thanks ladies- I am just one of those people who is really careful with everything. We know the risk of retinol/vitamin a causing damage when ingested why do I want to let it sit on my face all day? I just want to provide the most healthy environment for my baby and expose the baby to as little toxins as possible- especially if it means making such an easy change as switching out some makeup and skincare.
  6. the amount is make up is nil. and you are fine to use it. if it was harmful it would state on there for pregnant women not to use it. it's ok. don't get worried.
  7. Sorry I have no answer for your question, but I would not just assume something was safe because it did not state pregnant women could not use it.