Worried about cerises bucket...

  1. I bought a cerises bucket from *trendymom* on eBay. I haven't received it and probably won't for a couple more weeks, as I opted to use her layaway option. I just noticed in some other threads some problems with her auctions/bags and even saw that someone posted that she's sold FAKES in the past. Now, I'm paying over $1000 for this bag, so of course I'm a little freaked out. I've already sent part of the payment and it's nonrefundable, so I couldn't even get my money back if I wanted to. Does anyone have any good experiences with her? Someone tell me something positive please. Has anyone here actually received a fake from her? I think I might die if this bag turns out to be fake or significantly not as described, I've been waiting so long to get it. :crybaby:

    I'm sorry if it's inappropriate to post about specific sellers, like I said, I'm freaking out.
  2. The bags that I have ever looked at in her auctions look real to me. Can you post the auction link?

    Remember that sellers at one time or another have bad customers who are trying to scam them or are just plain idiots - what better way to get revenge than say that someone sells fakes?

    But ALL items should be scrutinized no matter who is selling them. Post the link and let's take a look!
  3. I feel your pain. I get really scared on ebay. Have bought some beautiful things that I totally adore, but find it incredibly stressful...
  4. eBay: Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Cerises Bucket PM SHOULDER BAG (item 330034479644 end time Oct-06-06 08:45:00 PDT)

    What do you think? :\
  5. Don't worry, your bucket is real, and for a great price!
  6. looks great to me! I wouldn't worry about it...sometimes people leave feedback claiming a bag is fake because of buyers remorse or they make returns and pull of the bait and switch!
  7. Thank you!!
  8. That's the thing, it wasn't in her feedback(which is perfect), it was here on tPF... that's why it freaked me out so much.
  9. It looks good to me, and you got the bag at a great price! I haven't been here long enough to know whether she sold fakes or not...but complaints I've heard (about her) weren't about authenticity issues...I've never bought from her, so I can't really say anything.
  10. I was wondering why the little interior pouch isn't covered in cherries as well? And do Cerises items come in red dust bags usually?

    I don't really know anything about the Cerises line :shame:
  11. Well, if you are still worried, after receiving the cerises bucket, post up some pix in the authenticate sticky and get some opinions from the experts here. ;) Good luck! Hope everything turns out great for you.
  12. :yes:
  13. I thought there was only two cherries on the front of the pochette....? Maybe that's the backside?
  14. Thanks for all the responses! I feel a little reassured, but I'll definitely be posting in the authentication thread when I receive it just in case.
  15. The bucket looks real - maybe she provided a Mono pouch to make it a set...