worried about an order I placed.... Scarf is MIA

  1. I bought a scarf over the phone from a boutique in NY on Jan 1st and I haven't got it yet. I never got any tracking info for it either.. This boutique was the only one I could find with this item in stock.. JAX didn't even have it.. The SA was holding it in her hand and describing it to me to make sure it was the right one, lol. Do I call the boutique about this? Does it take longer to get things directly from a boutique??
  2. i'd be calling...but i am not patient like i posted in my other thread...and 10 days to hear nothing about it is a while to wait. :push: i hope is all well with it though.
  3. I'd be on the phone....
  4. I don't have an order number or anything!!! I wrote the SA's name down but now I can't find it!! OOOOOOOOOOOh the fedex man is HERE!!!!! BRB!!
  5. Did you get it? Ooooohhhh I can't wait.
  6. i have my fingers crossed!!
  7. oh I hope you got it!! I just received today a ponytail scarf that I ordered on 12/28 because the store never wound up putting my order in!
  8. I got my Heritage tote:tup: but no scarf :tdown:

    I'm calling!
  9. Let us know what the store says. That is a real bummer that you didn't get the scarf yet.
  10. YAY! but then boo! did you order them together, or was it a totally seperate thing?

    take some pics of your new lovely please! we all like to look..lol
  11. Totally seperate.. but I ordered the scarf way before the tote! I'm on the phone with the NY store... 44th and madison ave..
  12. well good luck and raise some hell if need be...not too much...but just the right amount...hehehe
  13. I'm not one to complain but Coach CS is really on the downslide lately. Within the past two weeks I've had two major error in my orders - one not even put into the computer, and one item not sent today in the box it was supposed to be in. They take the money from you with no problem, though, right?! Its really getting me frustrated. Hope you find your scarf.
  14. OMG I am so PISSED :cursing: I was just on hold for like 30 minutes and then they get back on to tell me they have to figure out what happened to my order !!!!! :wtf: She wasn't even letting me get a word in when I had to tell her that THEY had the scarf and JAX didn't... She was acting like I didn't know what I was talking about.. and that "when you place an order from the store it goes to the distribution center and they take care of it" I told her "the distribution center DOES NOT HAVE IT! You had the scarf... The SA (name withheld) had it in her hands and described it to me and said it was the LAST one. That scarf was supposed to be sent to me" She was like "oh ok, but we will figure all that out when we pull up the order.. we will have to call you back"

    UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OMG.. Take the order .. put it in a box and send it.. is it really that hard ??? Really? I am going to get irate if they sold my scarf to someone else...
  15. Is this your Bleeker scarf? I know how excited you were to find it. Man that bites!