Worried about an Eluxury return

  1. The keyhole ring in my MC speedy 30 came off and I took it to the boutique. The SA fixed it, but created dents around the ring. The ring again fell off that night. I called elux because that's where i bought the bag. the customer rep said that it's considered defective b/c it was fixed by SA, and it still came off. she had me return the bag with the prepaid label. i'm worried because i already used the bad and patina already occured. she said that since it's a defective bag, that i would still get a full refund. what is other people's experiences with a used and defective bag. where you guys able to get a full refund with this problem, esp. from eluxury.com?
  2. Oh my- I'm sorry to hear about your defective bag. I hope you get this resolved as quickly as possible-
  3. For Christmas last year i got the Manhattan PM and i carried it for a day or so, but took it the casino and where it is smokey! and used it like i was going to keep it of course! but then i was shopping and i kept hearing this clang, clang, clang and i realized it was the push lock closure on the front, one of them wasnt sitting right and it was loose and causing the thing to clang...i was so upset because i had been using it but eluxury took it back because they said that is defective and did a full refund even though it was obviously used and i was told it would NOT be resold. i wonder what they do with those?

    anyways, they are very good about refunding defective product in my experience with this one.
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience.