Worn soles question

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    I recently bought a pair of used CL on ebay. I love them but the soles of the shoes are worn, or so I thought. I took them to a cobbler and she said it was just the red paint that’s worn off and not the actual sole, so I was wondering if there was any way to get the red back? It’s only on the part that is walked on that is worn obviously. Does anyone know how to refurbish it? I know the chances are unlikely, after all what would stop most people from painting their soles red to get that look? Would CL fix them? Would it be better to just get that part covered with a patch of nonslip rubber?
  2. there have been a lot of threads about this subject. you can read about all the different methods if you do a search.

    A few helpful threads:



  3. Thanks for the info! I tried doing a search but didn't know about those Vibrams, going to have to get some. Do I need to specify the type of shoe I got so they know how to cut it or is it all a general size?
  4. I ordered some and they were big enough to fit any shoe, they'll just be cut down to fit yours.
  5. BTW, louboutins has red leather soles, it's not paint:smile:
  6. ^^^ :huh:
    Then how come it wear off to reveal the natural leather underneath?
    I don't know what they use exactly, but the leather is not red through and through.
    It's as if they are enameled.
  7. yeah, I agree with Jet. The leather sole itself is not red. It's some kind of lacquer.
  8. ^ :yes:
  9. Yes, agree:yes: I misunderstood, I just wanted to say that the soles are made of leather, not plastic/paint.. My bad! Well thanks for clearing that up ladies:flowers:
  10. One size fits all. The cobbler will cut the vibram to fit your shoe. I got mine from panrixx (it's in that vibram thread that was posted above), here's the ebay link if you need it.